Can Guinea Pigs Eat Toilet Paper Rolls? – Is It Safe?

Toilet Paper Rolls

Guinea pigs are one of the cutest creatures on the earth. As they surprised numerous people with their cute looks and several strange habits. One such habit is their peeing habit as they pee a lot per day. But at the same time, they keep eating and chewing the available food. Not only this but they also gnaw the non-edible foods. So you can say that guinea pigs can eat whatever they get. But can guinea pigs eat toilet paper rolls? 

As toilet paper rolls are the common and most available thing in everyone’s house. So if you are the parent of a guinea pig pet then they may come in contact with toilet papers. As I already said they try to eat or chew on whatever they get. And toilet paper rolls are no exception.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Toilet Paper Rolls?

Cut it short, the answer to this question is yes. As guinea pigs try to eat whatever they get, so the same goes for toilet paper rolls. Guinea pigs can eat toilet paper rolls but it depends on the fact that how you are offering them.

For example, if you are giving them toilet paper rolls a source of food then they surely try to eat them. But if you are offering them toilet paper rolls as a toy to play then they would like to play with them rather than eating.

However, as we know that toilet paper rolls are not food for guinea pigs. But you can offer these toilet paper rolls for chewing or gnaw to guinea pigs.

And this nibbling and chewing of toilet paper rolls help to keep their teeth in shape. As the teeth of guinea pigs keep growing so to keep them in normal size they have to gnaw on something. And if they get toilet paper rolls then they will surely try to eat and chew them.

Is It Safe For Guinea Pigs To Eat Toilet Paper Rolls?

As guinea pigs can eat toilet paper rolls which are not considered food for them. So is it safe for them to eat the toilet paper rolls or the cardboard? As the toilet paper rolls material known as cardboard, so is it safe for guinea pigs to do it? Let’s explore it.

However, there is no doubt that toilet paper rolls are not an edible material for guinea pigs. But if they eat a minute amount of it during nibbling or chewing then there is no harm. As they have a really strong and fast metabolism which helps them to pass the cardboard from their body without any issue.

But if they eat a big amount of toilet paper rolls or cardboard then it is dangerous for them. And can stuck in their gastrointestinal tract.

However, guinea pigs are intelligent enough to know that toilet paper is not edible material for them. So they also try to use cardboard material to fulfill their chewing or gnawing habits.

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Can Guinea Pigs Chew On Toilet Papers?

As a rodent, guinea pigs have the habit to eat and chew whatever they get on their way. So there is no doubt that they cannot chew toilet papers if they get a chance to chew them. But the issue is that toilet paper chewing is not beneficial for guinea pigs like the cardboard.

As cardboard chewing or the toilet paper roll chewing helps them to keep their teeth in shape and size. But the toilet papers don’t have fabric content so chewing them doesn’t help guinea pig’s teeth to stay in shape.

Moreover, swallowing or eating toilet paper can be dangerous for guinea pigs. Because, they can stick in their esophagus, which can enhance the risk of choking. So avoid offering toilet paper to guinea pigs and try to keep them away from guinea pigs approach.

Can Guinea Pigs Play With Toilet Paper Rolls?

Yes, guinea pigs can play with toilet paper rolls, and they also like to play with them. However, to break down their boredom they would like to play with toilet paper rolls. And as responsible guinea pigs parents, you have to give them toys for playing with to break their monotones.

However, not only do guinea pigs like to play with toilet paper rolls but they can be great toys for them in several following ways.

Cheap And Easily Available:

This can be the main factor that toilet paper rolls could be a great toy for guinea pigs. Because they are easily available in anyone’s home and also cheap to buy if you especially want to get them.

Safe To Play:

As the material of toilet paper rolls doesn’t pose any threat to guinea pigs until they are not eating it in large amounts, playing with toilet paper rolls is completely safe. However, don’t try to give toilet paper rolls to guinea pigs as a source of food. Rather than that provide them as a toy.

And if you think that they try to eat cardboard then don’t offer them next time as it can cause digestive issues. But chewing and gnawing on the toilet paper rolls is fine and there is nothing bad in this act of guinea pigs.

Keep Them Away From Ruining Other Things:

As guinea pigs try to nibble and chew on everything they get their paws on. In this way, they can create a mess at your place. So to avoid this situation you can offer them toilet paper rolls. And this keeps them away from chewing any other thing in their surroundings.

A Final Thought:

As guinea pigs are rodents and thus like other rodents they try to eat everything in their way. But can guinea pigs eat toilet paper rolls? If you want to know about it then you are at the right place.

However, guinea pigs can eat toilet paper rolls if you offer them as a source of food. But eating cardboard is not healthy for guinea pigs. So try not to offer toilet paper rolls as a food source to guinea pigs.

But toilet paper rolls can be beneficial for guinea pigs in several ways. For example, you can give them to chew which helps to keep their teeth from overgrowing. You can also offer them as a toy to play with it.