Do Red-Tailed Hawks Eat Chickens? How To Deter Hawks from Chickens?


Hawks are on the list of birds of prey, as they are commonly hunting and feed on vertebrates. However, they are available worldwide with several species. But the most widely available species of hawks in America is the red hawks. As these hawks have brown and red tails, from which they are known as red-tailed hawks. However, the food of these red-tailed hawks also consists of vertebrates, including rodents, small cats and kittens, lizards, etc. But do red-tailed hawks eat chickens? Let’s dig into it.

However, as we know, red-tailed hawks have curved solid beaks and talons, with which they can hunt and tear apart their prey. Moreover, they are predator birds and used to prey on small vertebrates. And chickens are one of their favourite prey.

Because chickens are unable to run fast, fly, and cope with these dangerous birds. However, small chickens and chicks will be the favourite meal of hawks, as they are easy prey compared to the big chickens.

Furthermore, let’s discuss in detail that can red-tailed hawks eat chickens? And how we can save our flocks from them. So if you are curious to know about it, then navigate this article. As this article will lock about it.

Do Red-Tailed Hawks Eat Chickens?

However, a precise answer to this question is yes. As these red-tailed hawks not only can eat them, but they are like to hunt them. As, a chicken’s meal can give them a good healthy meal that’s why they prefer them to eat it.

Moreover, eating and hunting chickens for a red-tailed hawk depends upon the different circumstances. For example, if a chicken is small or thin in size, then it is easy for a hawk to hunt it.

Not only this, but a lightweight chicken will be easy for hawks to carry and fly with it. However, the same goes for chicks as well because they are also unable to protect their selves.

But the situation will be different if a chicken is well grown and heavy in weight. Then, as in this case, chickens are able to protect themselves, and for hawks, it will be hard to carry a chubby chicken.

However, the chances of a chicken to defend itself might be less as hawks have a firm grip due to their talons and can tear apart a chicken with their sharp curved beak.

Furthermore, not only a well-grown red-tailed hawk can hunt your chickens, but the small hawks also try to prey on chickens. And for the chicks will be easy prey to have a good and healthy meal.

How Can You Protect Chickens from Red-Tailed Hawks?

However, it is a matter of concern for those who have chickens or want to have them. That’s why let’s discuss in detail that how you can protect your flocks from red-tailed hawks.

Lock Them at Night:

However, locking your flocks up at night can save them from hawks that are used to hunting at night. Not only from hawks but locking your flocks at night can keep them safe from their other predators as well, for example, owls.

Add A Rooster to Your Flock:

As we know that chicken cannot protect themselves from red-tailed hawks. However, not only form red-tailed hawks, but chickens are ill-equip to defend themselves from any other bird of prey.

But, you can add roosters to your flocks as they are built to protect the flocks. As, they make high-pitch notes when they see a danger to warn the chickens. Not only this, but they keep making sharp and loud sounds until the hawk moves on from the flock.

Guard Dog:

Moreover, a full bloom and train dog can be a good guard for your flock. And a dog is several times bigger than a rooster that’s why a trained dog can be a good deterrent for red-tailed hawks.

Not only this, but hawks are afraid of the dog’s more than the roosters. And as we know, dogs are not afraid of hawks and can be the best guard of your flock due to their natural guarding instincts.

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Other Methods:

There are many other methods that we can use to keep red-tailed hawks away from your chickens. For example, you can use a secure cover for your flocks so that hawks cannot swoop inside them.

Furthermore, you can scarecrow to keep hawks away from your chickens. Not only this, but you can also use the owl decay to scatter hawks as owls and hawks are natural enemies.

However, you can use different noises to keep the hawks away from your flocks, as hawks don’t like noises. And stay away from noisy places.

A Final Thought:

This article, look through that do red-tailed hawks eat chickens? As for red-tailed hawks hunting and eating chickens is not a big deal if they get a chance to do this. However, chickens are unable to protect themselves from hawks that why they are easy prey for them.

However, we can keep hawks away from our flocks by adding roosters, a trained guard dog, or using the decoys of their enemies like owls.