Do Possums Eat Squirrels? | Which Food Possums Can Eat

do possums eat squirrels

Possums are cute as well as calm-looking animals, with a number of species around the world. However, some possum species are human-friendly, and they are living with humans without causing any trouble.

Not only this, but possums are useful for humans, as they can eat insects, snails, small rodents, etc. As possums can eat rodents, then do possums eat squirrels?

Do these cute, furry, and calm-looking animals can hunt and kill a squirrel? To know about all these facts, let’s dive into this article.

Possums are omnivorous, which means that they can eat plants and meat. But these two words for possums contain a huge variety of food.

As in plants, they can eat a variety of plants, they can eat almost all kinds of fruits, and in meat, they can eat insects, frogs, mice, squirrels, worms, slugs, nuts, etc. Not only this, but they can eat snakes also. So, to eat a squirrel is not a deal for them.

Do Possums Eat Squirrels?

Yes, possums can eat a squirrel after hunting and also can eat squirrel babies as they are easy prey for them. Squirrels are also wild animals with strong claws, but when possums are in the mood to hunt or be threatened, they become quicker.

However, possums like to hunt a squirrel when they get the opportunity to hunt them or when they are desperate for food.

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Young squirrels are on target for possums to enjoy a meal, and for them, they can even enter in squirrel’s burrow and hunt them. Moreover, for hunting, they use their sharp claws and jaws to tear down a squirrel.

For a squirrel to avoid from possum tarp should run away into its burrow. As squirrels are sharp, they alarm others about the presence of a predator in the area.

Do Possums Are Dangerous to Humans?

However, possums are not dangerous to humans, but possums can be beneficial for your yard also. As they can clean it from snails, frogs, slugs, etc. Moreover, they are not aggressive and don’t attack humans until they corner them.

And mostly they just, hiss and sound like a growl to keep humans away from them. In addition, possums play like the dead when they feel afraid from someone. And only they attacked when they feel threatened.

What Else Do Possums Eat?

Possums can eat a variety of foods as they are omnivorous and can eat plants, vegetables, insects, slugs, frogs, eggs, rodents, and even they can eat snakes. Their strong immune system also lets them eat such a variety of food. Let’s have a detailed look at their diet.


do possums eat squirrel
do possums eat squirrel

In rodents, they can eat squirrels, mice, rats, etc. As they are small in size and easy prey for them due to their strong and wide claws. However, these rodents are a good source of proteins and fats for possums. As both these elements are essential for their health.

Amphibians And Reptiles:

However, amphibians and reptiles also make a part of possum food. As they even can eat snakes. As all these amphibians and reptiles offer them manganese, phosphorus also.

And these elements help them to have great wool and provide them good inner warmth. So that they can survive in chilly weather.

Plants And Fruits:

Being omnivorous, a big part of their food comes from several plants and fruits. As they can eat a variety of plants and fruits. Not only this but they don’t mind if fruits are fresh or not. And also, they don’t mind if fruits are hanging on the tree or lying on the ground.

However, from plant-based nutrients, they get different kinds of nutrients like carbohydrates and essential vitamins.

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And from their fruit base food, they get a lot of essential nutrients like antioxidants, riboflavin, thiamine, and many more.

However, as they can eat almost all types of fruits, they will help them to develop the strong immune system as well as their strong muscles power.

Carrions And Garbage:

However, like other animals during the time of desperation for food, possums also can scavenge through the trash. Not only just trash, but they can eat dead animals and fulfill their calcium needs, they can eat decaying animals.

Moreover, even they can eat the skeleton of dead animals for their calcium needs. Or, just in the case of surviving, they have to eat.

What Other Animals Eat Squirrels?

As squirrels are sharp animals with strong claws as well as quick moves. But still, they have several number of predators. So let’s have a look at them.


However, cats can hunt squirrels and are also on the list of squirrel’s predators. But for squirrels, cats wait for the opportunity to hunt them, it means that they just hunt them when squirrels are near to them or not noticing them.

Moreover, cats or not frequent predators of squirrels. In addition, domestic and pet cats cannot easily cope with the wildness of an adult squirrel. So if they get the chance, they just go for baby squirrels.


Like cats, foxes can prey on squirrels when they get a chance. As foxes can jump high and large in size compare to squirrels, they easily can pounce on them when squirrels are lurking for food.


As hawks are well known due to their hunting abilities, they can easily hunt a squirrel or a baby squirrel.

Wrap Up:

Do possums eat squirrels? Yes, possums can eat squirrels. However, possums are omnivorous and can eat both plants and meat. Moreover, their food contains a lot of ingredients and of squirrels also.

But as they can eat a lot of things, so they don’t attack squirrels frequently. Rather than that, they just attack when a chance is present to do this.

However, not squirrels, but possums can eat birds, eggs, small rodents, frogs, insects, slugs, almost all kinds of fruits, even they can eat snakes.

They also can scavenge through trash when necessary. However, they can eat dead and decaying animals. And fall in the category of carrions.