How Do Birds Show Affection to Humans? | Do Birds Have Feelings?

how do birds show affection

Humans have feelings and show towards their loved ones with different ways. Not only towards our loved ones we also show affection towards others even over little acts of kindness.

However, it is necessary to run the circle of life. Moreover, affection is the thing that connects people. Not only just humans but also animals show affection towards each other. And, even they cry and become tense when something bad happens to their loved ones.

However, animals not only show affection towards each other but they also do towards humans. As our pets like cats and dogs, show affection towards us with cuddling, kissing, shaking their tails, etc. But do birds show affection to humans? And how do birds show affection to a human?

However, birds also show affection towards their owners with different acts. As they used to shake their tails when seeing their owner. However, birds used to kiss, and try to follow their loved ones where they go.

Moreover, birds show affection with cuddling to their owners. In addition, different birds have different ways to show their affection. As sometime, they continuously peck on you to get attention. And some birds show affection with taking a nap on you. However, many birds show affection with many different ways.

How Do Birds Show Affection to Humans?

However, birds are cute, quirky, as well as the intelligent creature. And these qualities show that there is no wonder that why humans are so loving towards birds.

As, birds showing equal affection like pet cats and dogs to their caregivers. But how? Let’s dive into this article that how birds show affection towards their owners.


do birds get attached to their owners
do birds get attached to their owners

Cuddling is a way with which more birds try to show affection to their owners. However, in cuddling, birds tend to close towards their owners to affection. Not only just humans but birds cuddle with each other to show love and affection.

And towards humans, this act shows the trust of birds. And also shows that they want to be close to you.

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Not only this, but the cuddling of pet birds is more effective for humans. As, it helps to reduce mental stress, anxiety, keep blood pressure at a normal level etc.


However, in science, there is no evidence that birds have feelings. But their act shows it. As pet birds show love to their owners with kissing them.

Yes, birds can kiss by keeping their beaks against your skin and lick it with their tongue. And they learn this in their childhood when their mother feeds them.

As during feeding their beaks come in contact with each other. Not only to their owners but birds can show love to their flock mates via a kiss.

Making Noise and Shaking Tails:

However, making noise and shaking tails to see their owners is the most common way to welcome their owners. As well as to show affection towards them.

Moreover, shaking or wagging tails also show that your bird is ready to go to the toilet. And it also indicates that they are understanding us and replying with wagging their tails.

Sleep On You:

Birds love to sleep on you to show their trust and affection. However, according to some people that their birds not only love to sleep on them but also sometimes their sleep is so much content that they have to check that is he alive.

Flapping Wings:

Moreover, flapping wings is also a way to show affection for many birds. As it also represents that your bird asks your attention as well as love. So don’t hesitate to love them when they flap their wings on you.

As pet birds are also very loving towards their caregivers but not all birds do the same. However, many birds like finches, canaries, etc. don’t show any affection towards their owners.

All they care about is just food. However, birds like parrots, starlings, can easily develop a strong bond of love towards humans.

How Can You Know That Your Birds Love You?

However, there is no scientific proof that birds also have feelings but they show you with their actions if they truly love you.

As birds cannot speak unlike parrots and of course you have to teach them, but still, they can show their affection with several ways. As, they show their love via,

  • Chewing your hair, accessories, and even your dress.
  • Flapping wings
  • Follows you like a child
  • Bowing their heads on your commands
  • Sleeping in your arm

Do Birds Know When You Are Sad:

Yes-birds can know when you are sad. Not only this, but they try to comfort you in every possible way. However, birds are more intuitive than other animals and show more love and affection towards humans as well as towards their life partners. And sometimes they depress and heartbroken if their partner tries to leave for another mate.

Do Birds Remember You?

As, in the start of the article as I said birds are intelligent creatures. And Yes-they can remember you along with your face.

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Not only this, birds can also remember your treatment with them. As, they will remember you if you did good or bad treatment with them.

Moreover, birds can remember places, as if you feed them in your yard or on the roof, they will surely return to find food in that place.

The Bottom Line:

This article is all about how do birds show affection and do birds get attached to their owners? However, birds are cute and intelligent creatures and can show love and affection like other pet animals like cats and dogs.

As they can show their love and affection via cuddling you, sleeping on you, following you, flapping their wings, wagging their tails, bowing their heads, and many more other ways. Not only this but birds also show affection towards other birds and their mates.

Moreover, birds can remember you with your face. In addition, they can even remember you along with your way of a treat to them. It means that they can remember if you treat them well or not.