Do Raccoon Eat Rabbits The Best Ways to Keep Them Safe from Raccoons

do raccoon eat rabbits

Raccoons are known as the most omnivorous animals in the world. So that’s why their diet contains vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants.

Not only this, but raccoons are on the list of scavengers, which means those animals which can eat food from the trash. Also, when necessary raccoons can hunt small animals like rabbits, hens, ducks, etc. So if you want to know that do raccoons eat rabbits? then this article is for you.

Raccoons surely can eat rabbits when they get a chance to hunt them. But the chances to hunt a rabbit for raccoons are rare because raccoons are scavengers and prefer to get a free food rather than hunt it.

But every time, this is not true as raccoons are on the list of most opportunist animals. That’s why whenever they get the chance to hunt a rabbit, they will surely do.

Do Raccoons Eat Rabbits?

Raccoons are not naturally predators for rabbits because mostly they lurk for free food. But this statement becomes wrong in certain cases, like as raccoons are omnivorous and can eat meat.

Secondly, when they get a chance to hunt a rabbit, they will surely do, as they also lie on the list of most opportunist animals.

That’s why they only can hunt rabbits when rabbits are sleeping or not paying attention to the surrounding. Raccoons not only dangerous to rabbits but also harmful to us. As raccoons can spread deadly virus in humans known as rabies.

So all the people that are having rabbits are considering rabbits as their pets, they should have to keep them in safe places.

And don’t let them to move outside during nights as raccoons and many other predators are there to hunt rabbits, for example, coyotes, foxes, wolves, birds of prey, etc.

Predators Of Rabbits:

As rabbits are fragile animals, and naturally they are prey for many predators, like coyotes, foxes, birds of prey, etc.



Coyotes mostly look like dogs with sharp and pointed ears and also have bushy tails. Moreover, coyotes are also omnivorous and as well can hunt rabbits like raccoons.

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Not only rabbits, but they can hunt other small animals like ducks, hens, etc. Moreover, they are scavengers like raccoons and can also eat food from the trash.


Foxes are on the list of clever animals, but they aren’t dangerous for humans as they have a natural fear of humans. But they also can hunt small animals like rabbits.

Birds of Prey:

They are also known as raptors. Birds of prey mean birds that can eat the flesh of animals. In this list, there are many birds like owls, hawks, eagles, are one of them. However, these birds can hunt any animal smaller to them.

The Best Ways To Keep Rabbits Safe From Raccoons:

Don’t Let Them Out During Night:

Raccoons and other predators of rabbits are usually nocturnal. It means that they are hunting at night. So one of the best thing to keep your rabbits safe is to keep them inside during the nights.

As most nocturnal animals can see the better during night, making it difficult for rabbits to save themselves.

Secure The Hatch:

Rabbits are naturally prey, so they have many predators rather than raccoons. So you have to keep in mind that if you have rabbits as your pet, then make sure to provide a secure hatch.

Not only from raccoons but also from birds of prey. That is why make sure to make the secure roof of the hatch.

With this, make the walls of the hatch with wood or of strong wires. So may they not have torn apart from the claws or attack of wild animals. But not only you have to focus on the flooring material of the hatch. As foxes and dogs can dig the floor.

Keep Your Yard Tidy:

To safe your rabbits you must have to keep tidy your yard, so that no more predators can hide themselves. Also, don’t let to gather water near to the place of rabbits.

As it can attract other animals near to your rabbits. Moreover, keep away trash bins from the surrounding of rabbits. As scavengers like raccoons can lurk around there.

As rabbits are fragile animals and they can easily lose their confidence if they see a predator. That’s why you have to keep a special eye for the safety of rabbits.

Not only this, but keep your rabbits away from noisy places, because loud voices can scare rabbits to death. So keeps this fact in mind also for the safety of rabbits.

What Else Do Raccoons Eat:

These furry and small creatures can eat anything as they are omnivorous. So it means that they can eat meat (like rabbits, chicken, duck, hens, mice, frogs, squirrels, crayfish, snails, etc.), vegetables, and plants.

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Not only this, but they can eat food from the trash. And mostly they looking for free food rather than hunting. So therefore, this ability to eat everything led them to live under any circumstances.

As in wild areas, they can eat fruits, nuts, insects, reptiles, and meat. However in city areas, they can eat fast food and vegetables. And in captivity, they can eat chicken, eggs, fish, etc. However, baby raccoons feed mother’s milk for almost 16 months.

How Raccoons Can Attack Rabbits:

Actually, rabbits are not the first prey of raccoons. And there are many reasons behind it. Firstly, raccoons avoid hunting and prefer free food. Secondly, rabbits are faster as compared to raccoons. But this will not true in the following cases.

Firstly, when raccoons get the opportunity to hunt a rabbit. And secondly, when raccoons are hungry. In these cases, raccoons will try their best to get some great meals from rabbits.

Raccoons judge the movements of rabbits before attacking them and hut them when they get the right time for it.

The Best Repellent For Raccoons:

It is a fact that in the search for food raccoons, are quite destructive creatures. So not only they harmful for rabbits but also dangerous for surroundings. That’s why to keep them away from our garden, yard, and home I have some following best repellent ideas.

Electric Fence:

Raccoons are good climbers, that’s why they can easily climb the iron or wooden fence. Therefore, an electric fence is that option when we strictly want to keep raccoons away from our property. So ultimately electric fence is a better option as compared to others.


Many other repellents like sprays, repellent granules, etc. are available in the market to keep raccoons away from the required area.

Odor Repellents:

Odor repellents will be more effective in keeping raccoons away from your garden. Hot pepper odor is one of the best repellents for raccoons. This odor causes irritation in the smelling sense of raccoons and prevents from moving forward for food.

But if you want the best results quickly, then prepare onion and hot pepper mixture and spray it in the required area. Unfortunately, this thing not only cause irritation, but also become a sickening odor.


Another good raccoon repellent is peppermint essential oil, peppermint based wildlife repellent sprays, etc. are available in the market. And these sprays will do their work properly to repel raccoons away.

Not only this, but in markets bags, are available with peppermint odor. As raccoons search for food in trash bins etc., these bags will help to keep them away from trash.


To keep raccoons away from your garden, you can also spray ammonia around it. Actually, the smell of ammonia is not a favorite to many animals, including raccoons.

For humans, the odor of ammonia is a pungent type but for raccoons it reminds them of urine. As raccoons are quite sensitive animals towards cleanliness, so they can easily deter with it.

Final Thoughts:

If you are wondering that do raccoons eat rabbits? they can surely hunt them when get appropriate chance.

But we have to keep our rabbits save from not only raccoons but also from all their predators. And in this article I discuss all the possible rabbit’s predators with the best ways to keep them away from rabbits.