Do Raccoons Eat Dog Poop? What Animals Eat Dog Feces?

Raccoons Eat Dog Poop

Animals without poop training used to poop wherever they wanted. And they never bother the place and time and do their job when they need. However, the same goes for the dogs. As dogs also used to poop everywhere, they need. However, a pet dog without poop training will do the same thing. But there are also many animals that can eat dog poop. But what about raccoons? Do raccoons eat dog poop? Let’s dig into it.

However, several animals and insects can eat dogs’ poop. But a number of animals don’t think of it as their food. And raccoons are also one of them. As raccoons don’t see dogs’ poop as their food, and that’s why raccoons are not used to eating dogs’ poop.

Moreover, raccoons can eat dogs’ and cats’ food as they are omnivores, but they are don’t like to eat their poop. However, let’s have a look at why raccoons don’t eat dogs’ poop and what problems will arise if they eat it.

So if you are curious to know, then navigate this article. As this article will serve you like a book about this topic. So let’s start.

Do Raccoons Eat Dog Poop?

Raccoons are opportunistic omnivores animals, and they can eat both plant and animal-based flesh. However, they are famous as opportunistic feeders because they always try to get free food. And for it, they can eat everything they get.

For example, they can eat insects, worms, fish, frogs, rodents, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. Not only this, but they can eat from your trash bin as well. As they are scavengers also and can eat food after scavenging your trash bin as well.

However, if you offer them any human’s food, dog’s food, or cat’s food, they will surely like to eat it.

As they can eat that variety of foods, but they never see a dog poop as their food. And that’s why they don’t like to eat it. However, dog poop contains a variety of harmful bacteria that can make a raccoon ill.

However, raccoons have strong stomach acid and immune systems, as they are used to eating a large variety of foods, but they don’t have that strong stomach acid that can digest dog’s poop without any issue.

As dog poop can cause sickness in them and other health issues. For example, it can cause tapeworm, giardiasis, whipworms, salmonellosis, hookworms, cryptosporidiosis, parvo, and campylobacteriosis, etc.

Moreover, raccoons have a strong smell sense that helps them to judge that either the available food is edible or not. And once they smell the dog’s poop, they will leave it alone.

What Animals Eat Dog Feces?

As we already know that raccoons don’t like to eat dog poop, and they never eat it. But there are many other animals that can eat dogs’ poop. And for them, dog poop can be a source of a good source of some nutrients.


However, dogs are also on the list of animals used to eat their poop. And this can be done by both small and big dogs. But, seating their poop by puppies can be the reflex of seeing their parents eat their poop or the feces of their puppies.

But, sometimes, eating their poop can be the result of some sort of internal issue. And sometimes, it can be the result of anxiety and depression in dogs. That’s why if your dog ever shows some sort of signs to involve in this habit, then make sure a trip to your dog’s vet.

Rats And Mice:

As rats and mice fall under the category of rodents and are similar to raccoons, they can eat whatever they get. But you would be amazed to know that they are also attracted to your dog poop. So yes, if there is dog poop in your yard, then you might end with these rodents in your yard.

However, dog poop will not be the priority for rodents, but they will surely eat it when there is nothing to eat.

Dung Beetles:

These beetles are on the list of those animals that can feed on dog poop. Not only this, but they are well known as their food only contain animal’s feces. However, because of it, they are known as dung beetles.

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Are Raccoons Afraid of Dogs?

The answer to this question depends upon the different situations. For example, if a dog is bigger than raccoons, then raccoons will become surely afraid of them. Moreover, a dog with a high level of aggression can pose a threat to raccoons.

So aggression level of a dog also determines that a dog can be harmful to raccoons or not. But, a smaller dog and a dog with a low level of aggression can impose no threat to raccoons.

However, not always raccoons afraid of dogs as raccoons are also good fighters with sharp teeth and claws. And can tear their opponent with them. So that’s why raccoons are not always afraid of dogs.

A Final Thought:

As raccoons are omnivores animals and can eat variety of foods, that’s why you might think that raccoons eat dog poop? However, the precise answer to this question is no. As raccoons don’t see dog poop as their food.

However, dogs can eat their poop and the poop of their newborn puppy. But they can get due to this habitually and also due to depression. Moreover, not only dogs but rats, mice, and dung beetles can also eat dog feces.