What Are Hawks Afraid of ? | Predators of Hawks

what are hawks afraid of

Hawks are predators to many small animals and birds like dogs, cats, birds, small rodents etc. There are 200 species of hawks around the world, and they all fall in the family of Accipitridae.

Hawks, being a fierce raptor, not only can hunt small birds and animals but also, they can fight with each other. Moreover, female hawks are more vicious than male hawks toward their territory and do not allow other hawks to enter their territory

Actually, hawks are fierce birds with sharp beaks and talons, and from them, a lot of birds and animals are afraid of. But what of hawks afraid of? This article will help you know all about those birds and animals from which hawks are so scared.

However, not only are hawks wild birds, but also they are considering intelligent species. As they remember your place if they get see any food source there. And keep returning to that place in search of food. Therefore, this ability let them to find food easily.

So let’s have a look at the fact that which animals or birds prey on hawks, as they are predators to several birds and animals. Moreover, this article will serve you like a book to find all the information about hawk’s enemies in a single piece.

Not only this but this article also gives you information about the different activities of hawks around us. So if you want to know, then navigate this article.

Hawks are afraid of Eagles, Owls, and crows also. As Eagles are large in size than hawks and also known as rulers of skies. However, Eagles can prey on many birds, and hawks are one of them. As we know that Owls are night birds, but hawks are day birds. However, owls can fight with hawks for a number of reasons.

Firstly, they can attack hawks for the sake of food. And secondly, they can fight with hawks to get their territory.

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Moreover, crows attack hawks as a mob. But their voices are more irritating for hawks and enough to knock them out from an area. Not only this but raccoons and snakes can also raid their nest and harm their eggs.

What Are Hawks Afraid of?

As fierce raptor birds, hawks still have predators. Following is the list of all those birds that explains what preys on hawks,


Eagles are rulers of the sky, and with this, they are natural enemies of hawks. And also, they hunt hawks for food.

So if you wonder that do eagles eat hawks, then the answer to this question is yes, eagles prey on hawks for food. So therefore, eagles are on the list of what preys on hawks.

However, hawks are very well aware that eagles are their predators, so usually they keep themselves hidden under trees when an eagle is in the area.


are hawks afraid of owls
are hawks afraid of owls

Are hawks afraid of owls? If you want to know, then the answer to this query is yes. As hawks are magnificent birds of prey but still afraid of owls.

However, there are certain reasons behind this, as hawks are not afraid of owls smaller in size than them. But hawks are afraid of owls which are bigger in size as compared to them.

Owls not only can knock out hawks from their territory but also fight with them for food. But mostly in their fight, their nestlings are the victim. That’s why hawks prefer to stay away from the owls.


hawks enemies
hawks enemies

However, crows do not prey on hawks, but their noises can scare hawks away. Moreover, crows can attack hawks as a mob but can’t harm them.

Snack And Raccoons:

Moreover, hawks have to keep their eggs safe from snakes and raccoons also. So they are also on the list of hawks’ enemies.

As if they get the opportunity, they can raid nests of hawks and eat their eggs. That’s why while choosing the place for a nest, hawks have to keep in mind that no such things are near to their nests.


However, wolves can eat hawks for meat, but they are predators or enemies of hawks. But their attack on hawks depends upon the opportunity of attack.

Are Hawks Afraid of Humans?

Ages ago, humans used to hunt hawks for meat. But now a day’s hawks are not afraid of humans. Even now a day hawks can hunt near humans as well as can snatch food from humans.

However, nowadays, humans indirectly harm hawks in different ways, like by damaging their environment.

Can A Hawk Pick Up a Child?

However, there are many stories about this that hawks can pick up a child. But there is no confirmation about these stories. However, hawks can’t pick a weight more than their own. And also, their strength not allowed them to pick a baby.

But that doesn’t mean that hawks cannot attack on a child. If they see food in a child’s hand, then surely they can attack on them and also can cause serious injury with their sharp talons.

Why Are Hawks Hanging Around My House?

However, there are many reasons for hawks to hang around your house. Therefore, if they find any food source around your house, then surely, they will hang around your house.

And in food sources of hawks, if there are any birds or other small animals, then hawks surely try to prey on them. But if you have pets or bird feeders, then how can you keep them safe from hawks?

There may be several tips to keep hawks away from your house, but I’m going to discuss a few of them. Firstly, you can keep your bird’s feeder under a cover or keep it where hawks cannot see them.

Secondly, if you want to keep hawks away from your house, then place a statue of owls in your yard. As hawks are afraid of owls, they will surely stay away from your home.

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But one thing you have to do is change the direction of that owl’s statue regularly after two or three days. As it shows to hawks that the owl is real; otherwise, as hawks are intelligent birds, they surely remember the old direction of an owl.


What are hawks afraid of? What are the predators of hawks? As hawks are aggressive and untouchable birds. And also, they are on the list of birds of prey.

But still, they are prey to many large birds than that. And at the same time, hawks are not strong enough to pick up a baby. But they can harm a baby to snatch food. Moreover, hawks can remember and return to your yard if they found any food source there.