Why Does Brown Rice Cost More Than White Rice?


Heap of brown rice

Rice is whole grain and kitchen staple in every culture. People love to eat rice, either white or brown, and you may also have both rice versions in your kitchen. However, when you buy them from the supermarket or store, you find that brown rice is more expensive. By the way, do you know why does brown rice cost more than white rice?

So, here in this article, I will tell you all the possible reasons why are brown rice costlier? Let’s move on and take a glance.

Why Does Brown Rice Cost More Than White Rice?

Well, to know the reason, you must have an idea about what are brown and white rice and how they are different. Actually, both are two different varieties of rice.

Brown rice is the variety having bran (outer brown layer) on grains, while white rice is a variety without bran. Moreover, both have different flavors and nutritional values. So, let’s see why you have to pay more for brown rice than white rice?

More Demand for White Rice

White Rice
White Rice

White rice is more common and pretty famous among people. As, white rice has a more gentle and fluffier taste.

While on the other hand, brown rice has a nutty and bit earthy flavor that makes it unpopular among rice eaters. Therefore, there is a great demand for white rice than brown rice in the market.

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And thus, white rice is cultivated on a large scale to fulfil the demand. While there is a very low yield of brown rice, that makes brown rice a costly or pricey item.

Short Life Span of Brown Rice

Brown rice is not good for storage for a long time because they have a short life span. And the primary reason for their lower shelf life is their brown outer layer, bran. As bran has a high content of unsaturated fats, therefore they become rancid.

In contrast, white rice has higher shelf life than brown rice. And, you can store white rice for several years as they do not have bran on them. Therefore, sellers purchase less brown rice. So, brown rice is more expensive to buy.

Millers Lose Valuable Product

Millers obtain two final products from organic rice, white rice, and bran during milling. And, on a commercial scale, bran is used to produce edible oils because bran has unsaturated fatty acids in a large quantity.

However, when millers sell brown rice, they actually lose their valuable and costly products. And due to that reason, they sell brown rice rarely or sell them at higher costs.

Brown Rice Are Rich in Nutrients

Due to the presence of bran, brown rice is quite nutritious and healthy. They are rich in vital nutrients, minerals, and micronutrients.

Therefore, brown rice is a healthy choice for diet-conscious people. In comparison, white rice is less nutritious. Therefore, you pay extra money for brown rice.

So, in this article, you find all the reasons why brown rice are more expensive and costlier than white rice. I hope this guide helps you in understanding the actual facts.

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