Why Does Valerian Root Smell So Bad?

Valerian Root Smell So Bad

Valerian root is an herb which is used for relieving anxiety and insomnia for millennia. And also, still, people use it for good sleep, and anxiety relief as valerian works well for it. However, if you ever, use valerian in any way, like in capsules form, tea, etc. you might wonder about its pungent smell. So ever you think that why does valerian root smell so bad?

If you want to know that, then navigate this article as I’m going to explain all about valerian strong smell.

Why Does Valerian Root Smell So Bad?

According to a study, valerian root has a strong smell because of valeric acid present in it. However, this acid is the reason for relieving your anxiety and insomnia.

And because of it, you will be able to get a good sleep. As, this valeric acid triggers the serotonin response in the body, which is the cause of relieving anxiety and cause a sound sleep. People use valerian root for centuries for reducing stress, and it also works well.

Does Valerian Root Make You Smell?

However, if we eat anything with a strong smell, it can cause a smell from our mouth for a while. But sometimes, things with a solid smell can cause body odor by pouring out your sweat. However, valerian with a strong, pungent smell is not on the list of such things.

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As valerian strong smell cause a little smell in your mouth but nothing more than that. And this mouth smell of valerian root is cop able.

As this smell comes from the stomach, you can eat any other snack after taking valerian capsules. Like you can eat mint, chocolate, etc., to remove the valerian smell.

Other Health Benefits of Valerian Root:

Health Benefits of Valerian Root
Health Benefits of Valerian Root

As valerian root is a healthy herb for relieving anxiety and insomnia. But not only this, as valerian root can serve you another healthy benefit.

Firstly, valerian root is healthy for menstrual problem in women. Not only this but valerian root is beneficial to relieving menstrual pain. And also helps to reduce the premenstrual syndrome effects on behaviour and also improve physical health.

Moreover, valerian root is helpful to make our legs joints strong and cause relieving joint pain. However according to a study, 800mg daily of valerian root will be enough to relieve joint pain. Not only this, but valerian root also reduces daytime sleep and makes our body more active.

Valerian Safety:

However, valerian root is safe and sound to use for relieving anxiety and insomnia naturally. But if you are not getting positive results after using it for a maximum of two weeks, it may be a cause of serious concern.

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As, long term use of valerian root may cause severe damage to our body. As according to a study, long-term use of valerian root cause liver damage. Not only this but pregnant women and nursing women also have to avoid eating valerian root.