Can You Eat Cereal With Water? Yes, And Here’s How!


Cereal is a grain that people love to eat for breakfast. Usually, their combo with milk goes great for many people. And for me, it is probably a pretty nutritious and healthy treat. However, what to do if there’s no more milk to pour in a bowl full of cereals. So, in such situation can you eat cereal with water?

And if yes, is their taste and texture are same as cereal with water? Or what type of cereal is good to eat with water? So, I will answer all these questions here. Moreover, I will also tell how you can eat cereal when there is no milk? Let’s move on.

Can You Eat Cereal With Water?

Yup, it’s all up to you. You can eat cereal with water and it goes well this way. However, their flavor and texture are not similar to cereal with milk. Their flavor will be too bland with a mushy texture.

By the way, some people prefer to eat cereals this way. On the other hand, many people dislike this idea. Personally, I suggest to eat cereals with milk because it is a simple way to add nutrients to your breakfast. Whereas, water doesn’t add any nutrient but only hydration.

In fact, some types of cereal are flavorless when you eat them with water unless you add something for flavor. For example, plain cereals like oatflakes and cornflakes.

However, there are many kinds of cereal that you can eat with water and they go well. So, you can enjoy it as you like.

By the way, you can also use any milk substitute in your cereals instead of water. And to know those dairy or non-dairy milk substitutes, read on till the end.

Does Cereal Taste And Texture The Same With Water?

cereal-with water
cereal-with water

No, there is a noticeable change in taste and texture. As milk adds more creaminess, natural sweetness, fat, and proteins while water doesn’t. Milk provides a smooth finish to cereals that is just amazing and tasty.

Cereals are meant for milk and therefore go wonderful together. And, if you use some fruits in your cereal bowl, it will be a colorful, delicious, and healthy diet.

At the same time, water doesn’t add any nutrition to your food but only hydration. And, if you don’t use any flavoring in cereal with water, their flavor will be so flat to taste. So, you may disappoint from the flavor point of view. But still, you can eat cereal with water instead of milk if you like.

And if talk about their texture, cereals with water go mushy and softer. While milk maintains the real crisp and texture of cereals. So, if you want both cereal flavor and texture, use any milk substitute instead of water that suits your taste and health preferences.

How Can You Eat Cereal With Water When No Milk?

There is no restriction on you to eat cereal with milk. As everyone has his own taste preferences and choices so it doesn’t matter how people think about it. So, if you like to eat cereals with water, it’s totally your choice.

Here I will tell you how you can eat cereal with water and how you can add extra flavor to your breakfast. So, keep exploring.

If you are a beginner, you may feel a bit boring this bland breakfast, but it really goes great if you mix cereal with oats or other grains. Leave cereals in water for 5 to 10 minutes and you have a quite softer, sweet, and creamy breakfast just like porridge.

You can also leave cereals in water overnight and you will have a creamy breakfast the next morning. Cereal with water is light on the stomach so you can digest easily. However, don’t use too much water as water will make everything dilute.

You can also add some extra flavor to your cereal bowl if you are using water. Add some dry fruits like almonds, peanuts, walnuts, or raisins. You can also add dry cranberries or honey as they will make you feel refreshed and exotic every morning.

By the way, people that love to eat cereals with water, eat them as it without adding any flavor. In fact, they are fan of the mild taste of cereal. And, it is totally personal choice of everyone.

Water Or Cereal First?


Have you any idea about what to put first in the bowl, water or cereal? No matter whether you use water with cereal or milk, it is best to add cereal first. In fact, when you put cereal in the bowl first, you know exactly how much water goes perfect in it.

While if you add water first then the cereal, you may add too much cereal or left with water at the end that would be disguising. So, next time, keep a balance between cereal and water while preparing a fantastic and tasty breakfast.

And, if you want to maintain the perfect crisp of cereal with water, you can use this method. Firstly, put your cereal in a container. After that, take some cereal into another bowl and add some water. As the cereals get softer while eating, try to mix crunchy cereal in your bowl.

In this way, you can enjoy real crisp of cereal in every bite. At the end, every bite contains softer, chewy, and crispy cereals with water. So, enjoy yourself.

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How Can You Eat Cereal Without Milk?

As we know that cereals with water taste not so good to eat so you can go for other options. If you don’t want to use milk or any other milk substitute, you can try few creative ideas to eat cereals without milk?

Eat cereals as it as they are sweet, crispy and yummy. You can replace them in place of your regular snacks. It could be the simplest way to eat cereals.

However, if you are habitual of drinking smoothies in your breakfast then you can add cereals to your routine smoothies. Cereals provide thick texture as well as extra smooth flavor to your drink.

In addition, you can also use cereals to make the crust for your desserts and sweet treats. The real crunch of cereals goes great in cupcakes, cheesecakes, and Choco bars. Their crispy sweet crunch goes deliciously amazing this way.

Not only this, but the topping of cereals on your sweet desserts especially on ice cream also goes wonderful.

Besides this, you can also use crushed cereals for breading your chicken instead of bread crumbs. So, in this way, you can easily add cereals to your diet without milk and water.

Non-Dairy Substitute For Milk In Cereal

If you are wondering about using water in cereal just because you are allergic to milk or lactose intolerant, then I have better ideas for you. Now you can use non-dairy substitutes for milk in your breakfast.

Coconut milk is a white liquid made from the white flesh of coconut and water. It is the best option to use in your cereal bowl instead of using water or milk. Moreover, it also adds nutrition to your breakfast.

Oat milk goes amazing with cereals than water and milk. It is obtained by grinding oats with water or other essential ingredients. Just try it with cereal and its taste will definitely suit your taste buds.

Cashew milk is another great substitute for milk in your cereals. It is a mixture of water, cashew butter, and cashew nuts. And, it adds a creamy finish to your breakfast.

Almond milk is a mixture of water, almonds, and almond butter. You can also choose it to enjoy a bowl full of cereals instead of water.

In addition, you can also go for soy milk, rice milk, macadamia milk, or hemp milk if you have no more milk. So, try any one of the milk substitutes with your cereals instead of using water.

However, you can skip this section if you love to eat cereals as it or with water. It is totally up to your taste and health choices.


Can you eat cereal with water? This question becomes a debate on the internet as many people like to eat cereal with water. However, there is no harm in eating cereal with water as this is a personal choice.

Many people love to eat cereal with milk or any other milk substitute with fruits and nuts. At the same time, some people are fan of eating cereal with water instead of milk. Thus, you can also eat cereal this way. And, you can also try any non-dairy milk substitute to change the routine taste.