Are Celery Leaves Poisonous ? Avoid the excessive use Of Celery Leaves

is celery poisonous

Are Celery Leaves Poisonous 

Celery is a well-known plant with so many nutrients and health benefits. Not only this celery leaves can also use for so many purposes. As we can use them in stir-fries, sauces, soups, and even we can use them in the decoration of other dishes.

But as we know that the excessive use of each and everything is harmful to us. That’s why the excessive use of celery root may also cause harm to us. Then here a question arises that is celery leaves poisonous. Let’s find out some facts about this question.

Actually, the celery leaves are not poisonous, rather than that they are nutritious and healthy for us. But if you use their excessive amount for a long time then you might get sick. The reason is that celery like many other naturally growing foods might contain a mild amount of toxic elements.

That’s why excessive amount use of celery leaves might affect your health. Not only celery leaves, but excessive use of celery roots can cause different health issues. Like if you overuse celery root in your dishes then it causes goiter. And ultimately this leads to breathing problems.

Moreover, excessive use of celery can cause bloating and diarrhea in the body. However, you should have to wash your hands after handling celery.

Moreover, celery has compound psoralen in it so you must have to avoid applying celery juice on the skin. The reason is that this psoralen compound in it raises the skin sensitivity towards ultraviolet rays.

The same goes with the fact that you have to wash your hands after handling it. As it can cause rash on your skin after exposure to sun light.

In the last the one thing which I want to clarify is that, if you are using normal amount of celery leaves in your routine, then you don’t have to worry about anything. As excess of everything can cause harm to ourselves.