What Is The Nutritional Value Of Celery Facts About Celery

what is the nutritional value of celery

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Celery ?

Celery is also known as Celeriac root belongs to the family of the Parsley family. Celery mostly popular in Europe and France where their chefs cook it with other vegetables to give it a delicious taste and enhance its nutritional values. To keep in mind that what is the nutritional value of celery, I agree with the fame of celery.

Moreover, celery is famous because of enriching in dietary fiber, vitamin B6, B5, Magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and Phosphorus, etc. As well as, celery root contains an adequate amount of antioxidants.

Therefore, with so many nutritional values of celery become a good source for providing a healthy amount of nutrients. To get benefits from the nutrients of celery root you can eat it raw as well as with other vegetables. This will ultimately enhance its nutritional value. Let’s discuss that what is the nutritional value of celery.


Besides of growing naturally celery is not rich in sugar. That’s why celery will be a good salad dish for patients of diabetes. As it does not raise our blood sugar that fasts as other foods do. Moreover, has a glycemic index of just 35, which is considered much less as compare to the normal value of GI of other foods.

Moreover, celery is rich in dietary fibers. Which helps us to prevent constipation and other consequences.


According to the data of USDA, celery has 66 calories and 0.5g fat in 1 cup (156g) of celery root. But do not worry as celery contain unsaturated so you do not need to worry if you are weight conscious.

Proteins, Vitamins, And Minerals:

Celery has few amounts of proteins but providing excellent amount of Vitamin-K, phosphorus, and potassium. Which ultimately leads the celery to add it in our daily routine to get tremendous health benefits. We can eat it raw, after cooking with other vegetables or alone. Even we can use it in soups, as it has less starchy flesh.