How can I dry my laundry faster on rainy days?

tips for drying your room

Here are 5 tips for drying your clothes quickly. If you dry your clothes indoors on a rainy day, not only will you not be able to dry them cleanly, but you will also feel uncomfortable with the unpleasant smell. What is the cause of this odor? Here are some tips on how to get rid of odors when drying clothes in your room.

Is it unavoidable that the room airing stinks?

Depending on where you dry it, the clothes will smell like a rag. Ladies and gentlemen, haven’t you given up on drying your room? In fact, depending on how you wash your clothes, you can reduce the smell even if you dry them indoors. Think about how you can fold your laundry in the room to dry it quickly and comfortably.

5 tips on how to dry quickly with indoor drying

If you hang your laundry indoors on a rainy day, the humidity in the room will increase , making it difficult for your clothes to dry. You can iron and dry a single dress shirt, but if you have a lot of laundry to do, it will take a lot of time and energy, which is inefficient. So here are 5 ways to help you dry a lot of laundry as quickly and easily as possible .

Tips on how to dry your laundry quickly by drying it indoors ① Change how you dry your laundry

First, let’s change the way you dry your laundry. If you want to dry your clothes indoors in a short time, it is important to leave some space between them, and to dry clothes that are long on the outside and short on the inside . Arched drying creates a warm air flow from the bottom up, creating a chimney-like effect. As a result, it can dry faster than usual.

Rather than alternately drying long and short items, arch-shaped items can be dried more efficiently !

Tips on how to dry quickly with room airing ② Use a fan

You can dry your clothes easily and quickly by using a fan that you can find in every home . If you use a fan or circulator to blow the air onto the laundry that has been dried indoors, the air will circulate and remove the moisture, so you can dry it in 3 to 4 hours. Many fans have timers, so if you set it before you go out, you can use it even when you go out, which is very convenient.

Use timer outlet

“Timer outlet” is convenient when the timer is not on or the timer is broken . Some timers turn on and off at a specified time, while others turn off the fan by plugging it into the “off” position, and turn it into the on timer by plugging it into the “on” position. It can be used for things other than drying your room, so it is one of the goods you want to have.

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Tips on how to dry quickly with indoor drying ③ Use a dehumidifier

If you have a dehumidifier , use it to dry your clothes indoors. It lowers the indoor humidity and helps you dry your laundry efficiently. It can also be used as a countermeasure against mold in humid places such as closets . In the past, using a dehumidifier had the drawback of making the room hot. However, recently there are some that have a cool air mode, so you can use it without worrying about the heat.

Tips on how to dry quickly by drying indoors ④ Use a bathroom dryer

If you have a “dry button” on the air conditioner such as a unit bath , use this. It is desirable that the walls are dry overnight after bathing, and it is better to remove the hot water from the bathtub. It also dries faster because there is less excess moisture . Another advantage of bathroom drying is that it does not become an eyesore even if you dry it indoors You can invite friends to your room without worrying about drying clothes in the bathroom where they can’t be seen.

Tips on how to dry quickly with indoor drying ⑤ Use an air conditioner

Even if you don’t have a dehumidifier or bathroom dryer, there are many homes that have an air conditioner . If it is chilly in the rainy season, you can use “Dry”, “Cool” in summer, and “Blow” or “Warm air” in winter . If you are worried about your electricity bill, you can also use a fan together to increase efficiency . Goods for drying air conditioners are also on sale, so I’d like to use this as well.

use air conditioner hanger

Air conditioner hangers for indoor drying can be purchased at home centers. You can’t use things that are screwed to the wall in rentals, so it’s a good idea to make your own using things like tension rods. You can also collect materials at the 100-yen shop, but if the weight is not strong enough, hang less clothes so that they don’t fall on your head.

Analyze the mechanism of indoor drying smell!

Drying indoors in a dark, damp environment can produce unpleasant odors . After that, even if the clothes are completely dry and exposed to the sun, the odor is not completely gone. In addition, the next room airing will restore the unpleasant odor. So, why does laundry smell bad when you dry it indoors in the first place? The mechanism has been elucidated.

To kill moraxella in small loads of laundry

① Soak in hot water

It depends on the material of the laundry, but if the laundry is made of material that can withstand high temperatures, soak it in hot water. A good method is to simmer it in a large pot. Stir well so that the hot water penetrates deep into the fibers. However, be sure to check the washing instructions before doing so. Chemical fibers such as polyester will melt . The same goes for accessories such as buttons.

② Iron

Heat the iron to “medium” or higher (150°C or higher) and iron immediately after washing . Keep ironing until it’s completely dry with a whoosh of steam . However, it takes time and consumes electricity, so it is not efficient when there is a large amount of laundry. In that case, it might be better to consider another method.

To kill moraxella in lots of laundry

①Put it in the dryer of the coin laundry

If you want to eliminate unpleasant odors from a large amount of laundry at once, you can use the dryer at a laundromat . Since the amount of electric current that flows through most home washing machine dryers is limited, most models do not reach temperatures above 60°C, but coin laundry commercial dryers can heat up to around 100°C. .

②Immersed in oxygen bleach

“Oxygen bleach” is useful when you want to kill Moraxella bacteria in a large amount of laundry . Add oxygen-based bleach to laundry detergent in lukewarm water at about 40°C and wash. Be careful not to use hot water and never mix “chlorine bleach” . Hot water can damage equipment, and chlorine bleach can generate chlorine gas.


I wrote about 5 indoor drying tips for quickly drying laundry and the bacteria that cause unpleasant odors . How was it? Drying clothes indoors has always been a problem regardless of the season , such as typhoons after the rainy season, long rains in autumn, and snowfall in winter . If you can solve the problem of drying your room with an electric appliance that you can find in any home or something you can buy at your local home center, I’d like to try it right away!