How to make a room smell better?

How to make a room smell better

The “smell of the room” that you feel when you come home. Some people may be worried that they can’t invite people to their room. Here, we will introduce the cause of the smell and the solution under the title of how to make the room smell better. It is a must-see for those who live alone as well as those who live with their families.

“Smell of my room” noticed in other people’s rooms

Have you ever been bothered by the smell of a room when you were invited to visit a friend’s house? From here, you should be worried about the smell of your own house, “Maybe your house smells too?” In single-person households, the standard of odor is only one person, so there are times when people do not know the degree of odor in their home.

Difficulty recognizing odors in your own home

Because our sense of smell is so accustomed to the smell of our homes, it is difficult for us to notice that our homes do not smell good. When I return home after going out, I sometimes notice the fact that “the living room or the entrance smells somehow”, but after a few minutes, I don’t mind. For this reason, they seem to be more sensitive to smells in other people’s homes.

What kind of home smells do you notice?

Sometimes I feel like my home smells noticeably different. When do you feel that “the house doesn’t smell good”?

Odors noticed after grilled meat or grilled fish

The oil and smoke generated after grilling yakiniku or grilled fish in the house may permeate the wallpaper and cause the smell to fill the room. At that time, even if the smell is good enough to whet your appetite, over time, the odorous components will change in quality and you will begin to feel “smell”. However, it is temporary, so if you deal with it by ventilating it, it will disappear.

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The smell of the room right after moving

For a while after you move, you may not get used to the smell of your new home. This may be because the house had been neglected for a while after it became vacant, and the odor of the daily life of all the residents remained. If you are worried about the smell, it is important to check the smell of the house when you are considering moving in, and to have the house cleaned.

6 causes of room odor

Conditions exist that cause homes to smell. If you want to deodorize your home and make it smell better, you need to start by finding and fixing the cause. Here are 6 big reasons why.

smell of cigarettes

The odor of nicotine from cigarettes easily permeates wallpaper, clothing, covers, and other fabrics in the room, making it one of the most prominent household odors. If you leave cigarette butts in your room, they will continue to smell. In addition, the person’s body may also smell of cigarettes, so it may be difficult to remove the smell of cigarettes from a smoker’s room.

odor from humidity

If the room has a lot of condensation or is very humid, the odorous ingredients are likely to settle in the room along with the humidity. You may be more likely to smell the odor in your bedroom or shoe box, where you tend to keep the door closed, than in your living room. Humidity can create new sources of odors, such as mold and decay in your home, so be careful.

Smell of dust or mold

The smell of dust and mold is harmful to health, so you want to remove it as soon as possible. Even if you vacuum regularly, dust can accumulate in hard-to-reach places such as under sofas, transoms, and lintels. Combined with humidity, bacteria will grow and lead to odor. In addition, mold may harden on bathrooms and windows with a lot of condensation.

smell in the kitchen

Odors are more likely to occur if garbage is left undrained or food trays are left unwashed. In addition, the smell of garbage cans and the smell of raw food left in the refrigerator can easily leak into the room. Many kitchen odors are pungent, so it’s easy to spot the source of the odor.

Smell from around the water

There is also a foul odor emanating from the sink and bathroom drains. In addition to mold and bacteria odors in washing machines, toilet odors can also be mentioned. Even if you use it every day and drain your household wastewater, if you neglect to clean it, it will cause odors. There may be hair, food residue, and bacteria-infested “sludge” stuck in the drain.

pet smell

Pets also stink if they neglect shampooing. In addition, it is difficult for owners who live with their pets to notice urine odors from pet toilets. Also, some pets have a strong urine odor. This is for self-appeal to claim territory, so you have to accept it and live. However, these odors can be unpleasant in the summer.

Does it smell unpleasant when mixed with a good smell?

Some people think that if you use the “nice smell” factor to cover up the smell in the room, you won’t be bothered by the smell in the room. However, not all multiplication answers for “smells good” are good smells. If you use various scented items in one room, such as hair styling products, air fresheners, perfumes, and aroma-related goods, you may end up with a smell that makes you feel sick.

Incense is typical

You can also see people burning incense in the living room and smelling good. The disadvantage is that the smoke of incense easily permeates fabrics and wallpaper, and easily mixes with the odors of daily life. The scent itself is good, but the lingering smell of the incense itself can be unpleasant. Incense sticks, which are used to remember the deceased, tend to cling to the room just like incense.

When mixed with odors such as cigarettes, it turns into an unpleasant odor.

Tobacco nicotine is soluble in water, and when the wallpaper soaks in moisture, it emits an odor. If the scent of incense or cosmetics is mixed with this, it may turn into an unpleasant odor. When it changes to such an unpleasant smell, it often takes time to solve it even if you try to get rid of the smell of the house.

5 ways to completely change the smell in your room

Once you know the cause of the odor, the next step is to fix the root cause. We’ll show you how to get rid of odors. In addition to the 5 methods listed here, there must be a way to solve the root of the odor. Let’s suppress the occurrence of odors with a little ingenuity in our daily lives.

capture the light

Ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight. We have an image that UV rays are harmful because they cause sunburn and skin diseases, but UV rays have a bactericidal effect. If you keep your curtains closed all the time, open them at least once a day to let light into the room. This alone can reduce odors.

Thorough cleaning and cut off the source of the smell in the room

The source of the most odor is garbage, dust, dirt such as drains. By thoroughly cleaning the invisible parts, you can reduce the smell of the room from the old days. Thoroughly clean the drain with a chlorine-based cleaner. High-pressure cleaning by a professional is one option, but self-care at home is sufficient.

Garbage disposal is also important

Drain the water before disposing of kitchen garbage. In most cases, the water will give off an odor. You can wrap it in newspaper and throw it away, or put it in a plastic bag such as a plastic bag so that it does not leak or smell. You can also put fish waste in a ziplock bag and store it in the freezer until trash day.

Also pay attention to air conditioners

Dust may remain in the air conditioner, or mold may grow on the filter. If you run the air conditioner in this state, it will become a machine that spits out mold spores. Clean your air conditioner regularly, even when it is not in use. It is also important to clean the filter once every three days during operation.

exchange air

Houses these days are very airtight, so if you keep your house closed, the air will stagnate and odors will easily develop. Breathing the room can help eliminate odors, so air exchange is a must. In addition to operating the ventilation system 24 hours a day, let’s circulate the outside air while taking in the morning light.

thorough dehumidification

Some condominiums and apartments are prone to moisture. Humidity not only causes odors, but it also accelerates the deterioration of your home, so be sure to dehumidify it thoroughly. It is also important to use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from your home. If you can dehumidify, the air in the room will not be cold, and you can also get the unexpected effect of staying warm.

change wallpaper

This is the final deodorant method. This method applies to detached houses and condominiums. You can reset it by replacing the whole wallpaper that has inhaled the smell. In particular, wallpaper that has turned yellow due to incense smoke and tobacco tar will not only reset the smell, but also brighten the entire room. It’s going to be a big reform, but it’s recommended.

How to mask room odors with masking

Earlier, I wrote that the multiplication of a good smell results in an unpleasant smell. After solving the root of the odor, it is a good idea to incorporate items that eliminate odors. If there is only one good smell, it creates a “masking” effect, hiding the smell in the room. We will introduce a masking technique that can also be expected to have an aroma effect.

deodorant air freshener

It is a product that contains deodorant and aromatic ingredients, and is the mainstream for casual use in living rooms and bedrooms. There are also products that specialize in cigarette odors and pet odors, so it would be a good idea to choose according to your home odor concerns. Some products with strong deodorizing ingredients eliminate the smell of grilled meat. Buy a new one once a month.

ultrasonic aroma diffuser

By spraying a mist that has finely divided molecules with ultrasonic waves, you can find the effect of washing away the smelly ingredients in the room. It binds to the odor that clings to wallpaper, etc., and dilutes the odor that clings to it. Let’s add about 2 drops of essential oil and operate the aroma diffuser. However, high humidity has the opposite effect. Use the aroma diffuser after dehumidifying.

Air purification with essential oils

Essential oils extracted from herbs are also used in folk medicine. Among them, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils, which have the effect of cleaning the air, will envelop the living room with a soothing scent.It is also recommended as an oil to add to the aroma diffuser. In addition, essential oils are also used in handmade deodorants that I will tell you about next.

“Handmade deodorant” that can be used at home

If you are worried about the smell of your house, wouldn’t it be safe to have a deodorant that you can spray? If it is a handmade aroma spray that does not use chemically synthesized ingredients, you can make it with your favorite scent at a good cost performance. All the ingredients can be purchased at drugstores and natural shops, so please try it.

Ingredients for homemade deodorant

  • absolute ethanol 5ml
  • 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • 3 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 2 drops of tea tree essential oil
  • 45 ml of purified water
  • 50ml spray bottle

Essential oils can be purchased at natural shops such as “Tree of Life”.

In addition to eucalyptus, we also recommend aroma oils such as lavender and cajeupte!

How to make homemade deodorant

  1. Weigh ethanol into a spray bottle
  2. Add 10 drops of essential oil to a bottle and mix
  3. pour purified water
  4. Tighten the lid and if it rains well, it’s ready.

Shake well before each use before spraying.

You can make it as soon as you have the materials. I would love to try it.

How to use homemade deodorant

We recommend spraying on fabrics such as curtains and sofa covers. Ethanol evaporates, so it dries quickly. You can also shake it in the air instead of spraying it directly onto the wallpaper. It is convenient because it can be used in various places such as living rooms and bedrooms. It is also effective to spray on jackets that smell like cigarettes.


If various odors such as incense and grilled meat stay in the room, it may become an unpleasant odor. It is best to solve the root cause of the odor by cleaning or dehumidifying. We also introduced how to mask the scent. Get a healthy life by cleaning your house and making it smell good at the same time.