How often do you clean the bath? Don’t you have to clean every day?

How often do you clean the bath

Do you clean your bathroom every day? How often should the bathroom be cleaned? Here are some tips on how often to clean the bathroom, how to wash it, and how to keep it clean. If you can keep the bath clean, regular cleaning and general cleaning will be easier.

Does the bathroom need cleaning every day?

It feels good to have a clean bath. Do you clean your bathroom every day? Does the bathroom need cleaning every day? This time, we will introduce how often to clean the bath, how to wash it clean, and how to keep it clean and fun. If you keep the bath clean with a simple effort when using the bath, regular cleaning and general cleaning will be very easy.

What happens if you don’t clean it?

The bathroom is a humid place where mold and water stains are likely to occur. If you don’t wash the bath every day, dirt will accumulate and become unremovable. Recently, the number of seamless bathrooms has increased, but once mold takes root in the packing, it is difficult to remove.

How often should you clean your bathroom?

Of course, daily cleaning is best. Especially the bathtub is easy to get dirty, so let’s wash it every day. Dirt and sebum float in the hot water that people use. Even if you reheat the water and use the same water, it is better to wash the bathtub every time you empty it. About once a week is recommended for small areas such as floors, ceilings, and drains.

How often do you clean your bathroom?

How often do you actually clean your bathroom? The frequency of using the bath and the frequency of soaking in the bathtub will also be different. However, the dirt in the bath will surely accumulate.

How often do you use the bath?

Most homes have bathtubs in their bathrooms. In addition to using the shower almost every day, 70% of people in the winter and more than half of the people in the summer use the bathtub every day. In other words, it means that dirt will adhere little by little every day.

How often do you clean your bathroom?

About 35% of people clean the bath every day, and about 15% clean it once every two days. In other words, half of them clean once every two days. Some people say that they reheat the bath on the second day, so most people clean the bath every time they drain the water.

how to wash the bath

Washing the bath properly every day to reset the dirt will be easier than removing the accumulated dirt. We will also introduce how to wash the bath easily, necessary detergents and useful tools.

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necessary cleaning tools

Here are some useful tools for cleaning.

  • Sponge: A sponge for washing the bathtub. A soft one is recommended so as not to scratch the bathtub. It is better to use a non-patterned cloth for thorough rubbing, but a patterned one that can be reached from outside the bathtub is also convenient. If you are concerned about it, you can separate it from the floor.
  • Slippers…Slippers that you can put in the bathtub are convenient for washing thoroughly.
  • Brush: A brush with a handle for scrubbing drains. An old toothbrush will work as well.
  • Scraper: A tool that allows you to easily wipe off moisture from walls and other surfaces. A dry cloth is also fine.

Required detergent

You don’t need a lot of detergents for regular cleaning. Some ingredients are dangerous when mixed, so be sure to check the ingredients carefully.

  • Bathtub Detergent: Neutral detergent is recommended for regular and diligent cleaning. Detergents with strong acidity or alkalinity can damage the bathroom, so use them according to the purpose, such as pinpoint mold.
  • Citric acid: Useful for removing stains from mirrors and faucets.
  • Pipe cleaner: Helps prevent and clear clogged pipes.

how to wash a bathtub

It is easier to remove dirt by cleaning while it is still warm after bathing. Most of the sebum can be removed by rinsing thoroughly in the shower, but gently rub the area with detergent and a sponge in a circular motion. Also note the grooves in the lid. Make sure to wash once or twice a week. It is easy to maintain if you clean the bathtub every day and others once a week.

How to clean floors and small areas

Mold tends to grow on floors and corners of bathrooms, so use a sponge or brush to scrub along the grain of the tiles. Ceilings should also be cleaned regularly. Wipe lightly with a rag soaked in detergent and water, then rinse and wipe off. Using a toothbrush to clean the drainage ditches frequently will prevent dirt from accumulating, and as a result, it will be easier to maintain.

Citric acid pack for cloudy mirrors and faucets

A citric acid pack is recommended for limescale that cannot be removed by rubbing with a sponge. If silver parts such as faucets are cloudy, the bath will not look clean. Spray citric acid dissolved in water on top of the kitchen paper and paste the kitchen paper. Wrap it from the top and fix it. After about 2 hours, rub it with a sponge to restore the beautiful silver color.

Oxy pickles regularly

You can also wash the bathtub all at once by soaking the bathtub with a soaking detergent such as Oxyclean, and then putting all the lids, tubs, chairs, toys, etc. in the bathtub. There are also fierce people who oxydize not only the bathtub but also the floor. You will be surprised how much dirt will come off.

Tips for keeping the bathroom clean

Here are some tips on how to keep your bathroom clean. Daily management of the bath will make cleaning very easy. Please refer to it.

Hot water every day from reheating

For eco-friendliness, some people use the remaining hot water to reheat the water the next day. It is said that the bacteria in the remaining water in the bathtub increases 1000 times overnight. Also, the temperature of bath water is lower in winter than in summer, and it costs more to heat it to around 40°C. In winter, it may be cheaper to store new hot water, and it will prevent dirt.

daily ventilation

After bathing every day, after cleaning, let’s ventilate well with ventilation fans and bath windows. Quick drying makes it difficult for bacteria to grow. The cost of running the bath ventilation fan for 24 hours is about 13 to 15 yen. Even if the ventilation fan is turned off for a short period of time, the humidity in the bathroom will increase significantly, so it is recommended to always ventilate the room.

don’t put anything on the floor

Putting a shampoo bottle or a chair on the floor will cause sliminess. Use a rack or something you can catch for your bottles, and choose a chair that has few grooves so you can float it. It is necessary to dry thoroughly from the back side.

toys are dried

Put your child’s toys in a net or put them in a basket and attach them to the wall with suction cups to keep them floating. Kitchen towel racks are convenient for sheets that are attached to the bathroom wall. Let it air dry with plenty of space.

fumigation agent

To prevent mold in the bath, you can keep it clean by using an anti-mold fumigation agent once every 1-2 months. The procedure is also easy, all you need is anti-mold agent and water. Please follow the instructions on the box. It can be used even when the bath is wet.


This time, I explained how to clean and maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom. With a little ingenuity, regular cleaning becomes easier. Let’s spend pleasant bath time.