How to clean rugs and carpets? What is the easiest way to remove

How to clean rugs and carpets

Rugs and carpets greatly influence the impression of the room. Even if you clean it, you can’t move it if it’s a floor type, and you don’t feel like dusting it on the veranda of your apartment. Here are some easy ways to clean rugs and carpets. Efficiently remove dust and debris with daily cleaning.

Difficult to remove stains from rugs and carpets

Even if you vacuum the floor every day, rugs and carpets will get dirty before you know it. It is difficult to change even if you later decide that the flooring is better due to the specifications of the apartment. Carpets also have some good points, such as not making you feel uncomfortable, not echoing your footsteps, and preventing dust from flying around. Keep your rugs and carpets clean and tidy at all times by remembering how to clean, including daily cleaning and special cleaning.

Why are carpet stains hard to remove?

Since it is a pile rug, hair and dirt will inevitably get entangled. And since it walks on the floor, it will fall to the back of the hair. Then, the dirt cannot be removed by cleaning only the surface. In addition, sweat and sebum stick to the carpet and combine with bacteria to cause unpleasant odors. Unlike clothes, it cannot be washed easily, so dirt easily accumulates and is difficult to remove.

No special tools required for carpet cleaning

It cleans large items on the floor, such as rugs and carpets, but does not require special tools or detergents. It’s ok to use what you have in your house and use it for normal cleaning. I’m going to use a vacuum cleaner, but of course it’s okay to use what I always use. We’ll show you how to use it to its full potential.

Easy cleaning method for rugs and carpets

Even when vacuuming a rug or carpet, if you change the method a little, it will be easier to remove dust than usual. And once in a while, when you wipe it with water, you feel refreshed. There’s also a great way to clean up your mess while you’re watching TV!

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Cleaning method ① Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner

First, take a good look at the carpet.

A vacuum cleaner is used for daily cleaning. The most important thing when cleaning rugs and carpets is the direction of the bristles. They must be growing in either direction. Take a good look at the flow of hair on your carpet.

let’s vacuum

When vacuuming, first run against the direction of hair growth. It’s like lifting a fallen hair. Place the vacuum cleaner head 6,70 cm away and pull it toward you. When you’re done, let’s lay the hair down next time. It lifts and sucks up the dirt underneath.

Pulling forward is the difference in suction power

  • Not limited to carpets and carpets, the vacuum cleaner will exert more suction power when pulled toward you.
  • Don’t press too hard on the floor, but gently pull the tip toward you.

Cleaning method ② Use rubber gloves to remove dirt from the carpet

Introducing the ultimate cleaning that you can do while watching TV. All you need is rubber gloves and that’s it! Wear rubber gloves on your hands and gently stroke the rug or carpet. Then hair and pet hair will stick to the rubber gloves and you can easily remove the dust. The reason the dust is removed is the friction that occurs between the rubber gloves and the carpet. This makes it easy to remove dust, so you can do it while watching TV.

Cleaning method ③ Remove dirt from the carpet with baking soda

Make a baking soda solution, soak a rag, wring it out, and wipe the rug or carpet. Then wipe it off with water. You can wipe off fine dirt, sweat, sebum, etc. on carpets and carpets. It also has the effect of removing unpleasant odors. With a vacuum cleaner, first wipe the hair upside down, and then apply a rag along the flow of the hair. When you’re done, wipe it off with a clean rag. In both cases, wring out the rag tightly before using it.

How to make baking soda solution

Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to lukewarm water (about 40°C) and dissolve well. Since no preservatives are added, the water will spoil quickly, so don’t make it ahead of time.

Notes on how to sprinkle baking soda directly

It is often suggested to sprinkle a lot of baking soda on the carpet, let it sit for a while, and then vacuum it up. This not only puts a burden on the vacuum cleaner, but the fine particles of baking soda may get too deep and the vacuum cleaner may not be able to remove it. If you clean this way, do it slowly with low power.

How to remove stains from rugs and carpets

Carpet stains that are made when you suddenly notice. There is no doubt that it is easy to get dirty, such as spilled coffee or dropped food. Remove stains with towels, neutral detergent, baking soda, etc. at home. If you know how to remove stains, you may be able to watch your child’s unsafe meals in peace!

Clean water soluble stains

Water-soluble stains on rugs and carpets include coffee, tea, and milk. It’s the No. 1 thing that children tend to spill on the floor. If the darker color remains, it will stand out quite a bit. Treat it as soon as you discover it.

How to remove water soluble stains

The sooner you take care of it, the less stains will remain, so clean it quickly. First, use a tissue or towel to absorb as much dirt as possible. If dirt remains, spray a diluted neutral detergent (or soak a towel and pat it) to absorb the dirt. Repeat blotting with a clean towel. Finish by wiping with water with a tightly wrung cloth.

clean oily dirt

Oily stains on carpets and carpets are mayonnaise, ketchup, curry, etc. Your child may accidentally drop it on the floor. But if you know how to deal with it, you can calmly continue to eat without the thunder.

How to remove oil stains

First, remove the solid matter by pinching it with a tissue. Or use something like a spoon to scrape off the dirt. Then, soak the rag with diluted neutral detergent, and transfer the dirt to the rag by tapping. To finish, wipe off the detergent with a wrung out cloth. The point is to scrape off the dirt first.

Do not spread dirt

  • If you rush to scrub the carpet, the dirt will spread, so be careful!
  • Pinch the entire dirt from the outside to the inside.
  • A neutral detergent used for dishwashing works well here.

Measures against odors and mites for carpets and carpets

Carpets and carpet odors that are somewhat worrisome. Even if you intend to erase it with air fresheners or deodorant sprays, it will soon become annoying again, or it will be mixed with the odor and become even stranger. I want to solve it from the root and make it a refreshing and pleasant state!

Causes of carpet odor

You may think that your feet smell and sweat because you are stepping on them with bare feet, but that is not the case. Those sweat and sebum combine with bacteria and give off an unpleasant odor! In the first place, it seems that sweat does not have an odor. In addition, spilled food and other items that are left unattended can also cause odors. Let’s take measures such as vacuuming frequently.

Anti-spray method

The baking soda solution used for wiping is also used to remove odors. After removing dust with a vacuum cleaner or rubber gloves, lightly spray the surface of the carpet with baking soda refilled in a spray bottle and wipe it off with a dry towel. If moisture remains, it will cause odors again, so let’s ventilate well.

Removing odors from bed-type carpets

A floor-to-ceiling carpet is a type that covers every corner of the room. Often seen in apartments and corridors. For carpets that cannot be easily removed, it is effective to wipe them with the baking soda solution that you made earlier.

Tips after wiping with water

  • If you are in a poorly ventilated apartment or condominium, wipe it with water and dry it with a fan or circulator to further prevent odors.

Carpet mites and how to get rid of them

Of course, there are ticks on flooring and tatami mats, but carpets seem to be very comfortable. When bitten by a tick, it becomes red like eczema and itches. Breathing in feces and carcasses can cause allergies and asthma. In homes with children, of course, it is also a concern for health. After picking up dust and dirt, let’s see how to get rid of mites.

Conditions for breeding of mites

Ticks prefer three environments:

  1. Temperature is 20~30℃
  2. There is food (dust and spilled food)
  3. environment for laying eggs

It is almost the same as the room temperature that humans like. Dust mites feed on dust and dirt, and they also love food spills. It also likes high humidity, so it is highly likely that it breeds heavily during the rainy season and in rooms with poor ventilation in apartments and condominiums.

How to get rid of ticks

If it is a small rug, it is also effective to remove it and dry it in the shade. Let it dry for half a day on a sunny day, and then vacuum it before putting it on the floor. Absorb dead ticks. Also, if you can fold it and carry it, you can also send it for cleaning. Eliminates dirt and odors at once. Some companies offer an optional anti-mite treatment. Please consult.

Tick ​​extermination trick

Mites are creatures that are sensitive to heat. If it’s a small rug, it’s also effective to turn it inside out and lift it up a little while ironing. Heat kills mites. After ironing, vacuum thoroughly to remove dead bodies.

before ironing

  • Depending on the carpet, the heat of the iron may cause deterioration, so be sure to check the quality label!

It is OK to use commercially available products

Laying carpets cannot be easily moved. If you can’t dry it in the sun, it’s difficult to iron it from the back. In such places, commercially available tick removal sprays are also useful. In addition, you can easily use the tick removal sheet that is placed between the carpet and the flooring. Some people may develop eczema, so if you are worried, please consult your family doctor.

How to install the tick removing sheet effectively

  • It’s a simple way to remove ticks, but it’s difficult to put it under the carpet. However, just placing it on the carpet does not fully demonstrate its power. It’s even more effective if you put a tick removal sheet on top of it and cover it with a towel to create a dark place.


When vacuuming the floor to remove dust from the carpet, first work against the direction of the hair, then with the hair lying down. Rubber gloves are also very useful for removing dust and dirt. If the ventilation is bad or you can’t open the window, use a fan or circulator to blow air and dry it. It’s hard to do every day, but let’s learn how to do it and make it a habit!