Here’s how to clean your screen door effectively

how to clean your screen door

The screen door is where dirt accumulates while you don’t know it. Many people put it off because of the hassle of having to remove it. In this article, we will introduce how to clean the dirt without removing the screen door, as well as useful items for cleaning. Let’s use it for daily screen door cleaning.

let’s clean the gate

Screen doors are one of the places where you feel like you need to clean them, but you can’t get around to cleaning them. Even if it is dirty, it does not stand out so much and it gets dirty before you know it. This cleaning method is troublesome and the reason why the screen door is dirty is that it is not taken care of. Many people clean screen doors at the end of the year, but regular cleaning is important.

A dirty screen door is a source of dust!

If the screen door, which serves as a passageway for air exchange, is not kept clean, various contaminants will flow into the room and accumulate as dust. The room itself becomes dirty with dirty air and dust. Keep the screen door clean to keep the room clean.

A dirty screen door is the source of mold!

If you leave a dirty screen door, it will be clogged and the ventilation will be poor. Bacteria and mold can also grow from clogs, that is, clumps of dirt. You intend to open the window to ventilate the room and clean the air, but on the contrary, the spores of bacteria and mold are scattered all over the room, making the room dirty with bacteria and mold.

Causes of dirty screen doors

There are various reasons why the screen door becomes dirty, and the characteristics of each dirt are different. The general way to clean a screen door is to remove it and wash it away with water pressure or wipe it with a rag. However, it cannot be said that the screen door was completely cleaned. It is important to know what kind of dirt it is because the method of cleaning varies depending on the cause.

Typical causes of screen door stains

  • dust
  • oil stains
  • pollen
  • Cigarette smoke and tar
  • exhaust gas

How to clean screens effectively

An effective way to clean your screen door is to clean it easily but often. Frequent cleaning will prevent stubborn stains from settling. Ideally, you should clean your screens once a week. Frequent cleaning is not difficult. Don’t put the screen door on and take it off, and practice it while cleaning.

Frequent cleaning method Using a vacuum cleaner

A lot of dust tends to accumulate on the window screens in living rooms and bedrooms, so it is a good idea to vacuum the screen doors while vacuuming the floor. However, if the vacuum cleaner head is left as it is, it may damage the screen door. Replace with a nozzle with a brush to clean. If you don’t have a nozzle with a brush, you can buy one at a home center or 100-yen shop.

Make sure to check the compatible models before purchasing.

Dirt suitable for vacuuming

  • dust
  • pollen

How to clean with a vacuum cleaner

Dust tends to accumulate more on the indoor side, so vacuum from the inside. Then apply it outside. Also, dust falls from the top, so let’s suck the dust by sliding the nozzle from top to bottom. Finally, suck the dust that fell around the sash and you’re done. Be careful not to press the nozzle too hard as this will damage the screen door.

Cleaning tricks with a vacuum cleaner

The trick to cleaning a screen door is to spread newspaper over the window frame from the outside of the screen door, tape it down, and vacuum from the inside. Applying newspaper will stop the flow of unnecessary air and make it easier to absorb dust. In addition, the dust on the outer surface can also be removed cleanly. Avoid windy days as the newspapers may be blown away.

Frequent cleaning method Utilization of sheet wiper

It is also effective to clean the screen door while cleaning the flooring with a sheet wiper for the floor. Dirt can be easily removed by simply wiping the screen door with a wiper. A wiper with an extendable handle can also be used to clean high windows. If you rub too hard, the screen door will be damaged, so you need to be careful with the amount of force you use.

Dirt suitable for seat wipers

  • dust
  • exhaust gas

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How to clean with seat wipers

To clean, just wipe the dirty areas in the same way as cleaning the floor. After wiping, dust will fall under the sash, so clean it up with a vacuum cleaner. Even if you are cleaning the floor, if you use a dirty sheet, the screen door will get dirty. Let’s clean while changing the sheet frequently.

We recommend using a wet-type sheet so that the dust does not fly off due to friction with the mesh!

The trick to cleaning with seat wipers

If you soak the sheet in a neutral detergent diluted with water, it will remove dirt even better. Wet-type wiper sheets originally contain cleaning ingredients, and the original cleaning ingredients are sufficient for light stains. Therefore, use a sheet soaked in diluted neutral detergent for slightly stronger stains. How to use is the same as usual, just wipe it with a wiper.

How to clean the screen door

A thorough cleaning should be done once or twice a year. Thoroughly wash stubborn stains that cannot be completely removed even if you clean the screen door frequently on a daily basis. Dirt becomes loose and easy to remove when it contains moisture, so cleaning is suitable for the season with high humidity. It is also recommended during the rainy season and autumn rain. Choose cloudy days over sunny days, even if it’s not raining.

Method of general cleaning dust removal

First of all, let’s absorb the dirt that can be removed with a vacuum cleaner such as dust. It’s easy to use the trick of sticking newspaper on one side and sucking it up with a vacuum cleaner. If the windows facing the main street or the soot from the exhaust gas are bothering you, use our secret technique of soaking the sheet in a neutral detergent and wiping it off. It will be easier to wash later.

How to clean Remove the screen door and wash it as a whole

Remove the screen door from the window frame and put it out to the garden or veranda. So let’s evenly apply an alkaline detergent that is especially effective for oil stains. If you use a spray type detergent at this time, it will be easier to spread the detergent. Then, after 15 to 30 minutes, shower or hose water to wash away the detergent. It takes time and effort to remove the screen door and clean it, but the advantage is that you don’t have to worry about dirt falling into the room.

If you remove the entire screen door, you can wash it completely, so you can clean it by removing stubborn dirt that cannot be removed with daily cleaning!

Tricks for general cleaning, how to wash without removing the screen door

The roll screen door used for sliding windows and the pleated screen door used for sweep windows are retractable screen doors that cannot be removed. These screens do not get as dirty as regular screens, so they are mainly cleaned with something that does not harm the room, such as using a vacuum cleaner or baking soda. Also, if you don’t have a garden or veranda and you don’t have space to remove the screen door and wash it, wash it without removing the screen door.

You can also use this method when removing a normal screen door is troublesome!

Tricks for general cleaning Step 1: Remove dust first

First is dusting. In particular, the roll-type screen door has a part called a storage case, and dust tends to accumulate inside, so it is necessary to clean it with a vacuum cleaner during general cleaning. The storage case is where the roll-type screen door is stored, and it can be easily opened by pulling it. Even with an ordinary screen door, it is important to remove the dust first so that other dirt and dust do not mix.

Cleaning trick procedure 2. Remove dirt with baking soda

Spread newspaper or the like to keep the floor near the screen door clean. Add some water to baking soda and use a brush to apply it all over the screen door. After about 30 minutes, remove the baking soda and loose dirt with a towel. Finally, rub the entire surface of the screen door with a wet brush and wipe with another towel.

If it is very dirty, leave it for about an hour.

Sodium sesquicarbonate removes more stains than baking soda!

Items that make screen door cleaning easier

In addition to cleaning supplies such as newspapers, towels, and brushes, there are other useful items that make daily screen door cleaning and general cleaning a breeze. It’s inexpensive and easy to prepare.

old stockings and tights

Stockings and tights tend to attract dust due to static electricity, and just rubbing the screen door will remove the dust. Stockings that are thin and difficult to wipe the screen door as they are are easy to use by folding them or stuffing them with old cloth. Don’t throw away stockings that have run out or tights that have holes in them, as they can be used to easily clean the screen door.

kitchen sponge

A kitchen sponge can also be used to remove dust from the screen door, or it can be scrubbed with detergent instead of a brush. It’s a good idea to use a used one that you can just throw away when it gets dirty. You can also clean it by simply wiping the screen door in one direction after wetting it with water and squeezing it firmly. If you apply too much force, it will cause the screen door to bend, so rub lightly.

The “toothbrush” that is often said is not suitable for the area of ​​​​the screen door.

What Dirty Screen Doors Cause

Dirt on the screen door causes various health hazards and other dirt. It is necessary to actively clean up before it becomes a health hazard. If you know what causes typical screen door stains such as dust, oil stains, pollen, cigarette smoke, and exhaust gas, you will understand the need for diligent cleaning.

what dust causes

Contamination caused by dust raises concerns about health hazards due to the propagation of bacteria and mold, as well as scattering of their spores. Various bacteria and molds hide in the dust. Approximately 100,000 bacteria and 60,000 molds per gram of dust are amazing. Also, when the window is opened, the dust attached to the screen door will return to the room due to the direction of the wind, causing the screen door to become dirty again.

Focusing on the relationship between dust and bacteria/molds, Kao Corporation collected dust from inside the house and conducted a survey (measurement/identification) of the bacteria/molds. As a result, it was confirmed that there are about 100,000 bacteria and about 60,000 molds in 1g of dust in the house.

what oil stains cause

Oil stains are common on the windows around the kitchen. It makes the screen door sticky, attracts other dirt, and makes it easier for dirt to clump. Over time, it will stick to other dirt and turn into dirt that is difficult to remove.

What pollen causes

Pollen is said to remain on the screen door for more than a month. Therefore, even after the pollen season is over, the pollen from the screen door may enter the room and cause out-of-season hay fever. In Japan, where many people suffer from hay fever, many people avoid opening windows as much as possible during the pollen season. However, if pollen adheres to the screen door, hay fever is likely to occur even if there is not much pollen.

What cigarette smoke and tar cause

Cigarette tar is sticky like oil, so if it gets on the screen door, other dirt will easily stick to it, and it will also cause unpleasant odors. Tobacco tar cannot be easily removed with detergent, and it makes it easier for dust to adhere. So be careful if someone smokes in your house.

What Exhaust Gas Causes

Exhaust gas not only causes unpleasant odors, but also contains substances that are harmful to the body. Exhaust gas is the soot and smoke produced when fuels such as gasoline are burned. If the fine particles contained in the exhaust gas are left on the screen door, not only will the screen blacken with soot and smoke, but it will also directly harm the health of the human body.

Let’s wash the screen door with the washing method suitable for your home

It is important to wash the screen door with the washing method suitable for the screen door at home. The secret to not accumulating dirt is to wash frequently against the dirt that accumulates little by little every day. Let’s wash it on the occasion of daily cleaning and keep it clean from usual.