How to get rid of mold in the bathroom! What is the cleaning method?

How to get rid of mold in the bathroom

Mold grows in bathrooms especially during the rainy season and summer. Even if you clean it, mold will grow immediately, and you can’t remove it even if you drop it! Isn’t there a lot of people who are worried about it? This time, in order to solve such a problem, we will introduce some cleaning methods for removing mold in the bath and preventing mold.

Causes of mold in the bathroom

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t you think mold is dirt? In fact, mold is a type of fungi that is made up of filamentous cells called hyphae. It’s a fungus, so if you leave it alone, it will grow more and more with spores, and you’ll have a hard time removing it. In other words, mold is a kind of living thing.

Cause of mold (1) Humidity

Mold prefers an environment with a humidity of 70% or higher. This is why mold is more likely to occur during the rainy season.

Cause of mold (2) Temperature

A warm environment with a temperature of about 25 to 30 degrees is one of the conditions that mold prefers.

Causes of mold ③ Soap scum and sebum stains

Mold grows using soap scum and sebum stains as nutrients. Therefore, if you do not clean it regularly, it will be easy for mold to grow.

Preparations before removing mold

Step ①

First, remove the dirt from the bathtub. If you remove soap scum and sebum stains, the mold removal effect will be higher. Rinse the entire bathtub lightly once to remove dirt that can be removed with water.

Step ②

Then wipe off the water droplets. If water droplets remain, the cleaning agents to be used from now on will be diluted, and the effect of removing mold will also be diluted. Be sure to wipe off the water droplets or remove the mold when it is dry.

How to remove mold in the bath ①

Remove with baking soda and citric acid

For those who want to use tools that are gentle on the body, we recommend using baking soda and citric acid to remove mold.

Step ①

In the case of powder, make citric acid water at a ratio of 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of water. The citric acid can be pre-liquid.

Step ②

Sprinkle citric acid water on the mold and sprinkle baking soda over it. Then, both react with each other with a hissing sound, making it easier to remove stubborn dirt.

Step ③

Scrub with a sponge or old toothbrush, rinse off and you’re done.

How to remove mold in the bath②

Remove with mildew remover

For those who want to know how to quickly remove black mold, we recommend using a mold-removing spray. You don’t have to make your own detergent, so you can clean it easily, and it’s also quite effective. However, it has a strong odor, so read the precautions carefully and use it with caution, especially in homes with small children.

Step ①

Spray directly on the moldy part.

Step ②

Leave it for about 10 minutes and wash it off with water.

Recommendation is wrap

Even if you spray the walls, the liquid will drip immediately and the black mold will not come off! In that case, we recommend wrapping after spraying. Wrapping makes it easier for the liquid to penetrate the walls, making it easier to remove stubborn mold. It will take some time, but just wrapping it will help prevent mold later on.

How to remove mold in the bath ③

Remove with boiling water

The most cost-effective mold removal method that does not require any tools is to apply hot water. Does it not come off just by pouring hot water on it? I think there are some people who think that, but it’s actually very effective.

Step ①

Pour hot water over 50°C on the moldy area for at least 5 seconds. To repel the roots, pour boiling water over 90 seconds as much as possible.

Step ②

Rinse with cold water at the end to prevent moisture build-up.

How to clean the rubber gasket in the bath

A rubber gasket that is always in the bath. When mold grows on the rubber packing, it is difficult to get rid of it even with a strong mold removal detergent.

Step ①

Spray chlorine bleach such as mold killer on the rubber packing part.

Step ②

Cover the sprayed area with plastic wrap, kitchen paper, tissue, etc. and leave it for about 20-30 minutes.

Step ③

Remove the covering and rinse with water.

Gel type mildew remover

Gel-type detergent is recommended for those who want to remove mold more easily. If you use a gel-type mold remover, you don’t have to worry about the detergent dripping on the wall, and you don’t have to worry about covering it with plastic wrap. In addition, many of them contain anti-mold agents, so they also help prevent black mold.

Fungi may be dead

In fact, if you have tried all the methods to remove the mold and still can’t get rid of it, the mold may be dead, but only the pigment remains. Many people mistakenly think that mold cannot be removed from rubber packing because this pigment tends to remain. It’s hard to tell whether the mold is alive or dead, but if you can’t get it off after trying various things, suspect that only the pigment remains.

Cleaning method to prevent mold (1)

wipe off water droplets

As I explained earlier, one of the conditions for mold growth is “humidity”. Simply wiping the walls with a towel after using the bathtub will prevent mold growth. You can use any towel, but we recommend using a microfiber towel as it will make it easier to remove water droplets. Focus on the walls of the bath, and if possible, wipe the rubber gasket as well. Not only does it prevent mold, but it also has the effect of removing dirt.

①Remove water droplets on the wall surface

This is the wall surface that is most likely to get water droplets in the shower. There are many cases where dirt such as soap remains, which also causes mold. Be sure to clean the four corners in particular.

(2) Remove water droplets from the ceiling

When wiping the bathtub, try to wipe the ceiling as well as possible. If water droplets remain on the ceiling, mold spores from the ceiling will spread throughout the bathroom, causing mold to grow. The ceiling is difficult to clean, so once mold grows on it, it is very difficult to remove. It doesn’t have to be every day, but wipe the bathtub as often as possible. It is recommended that you use a flooring wiper with a towel on it so that you can easily wipe high places.

Cleaning method to prevent mold②

keep it ventilated

Another point to prevent moisture is ventilation. Be sure to open the door of the bathtub after taking a bath, and if the house has a window, open the window as well. Of course, the ventilation fan is also very effective, but opening the window will increase the ventilation effect rather than always using the ventilation fan alone. However, it is not recommended to open the window on a rainy day when rain is pouring in, as the rain may increase the humidity.

Cleaning method to prevent mold ③

boiling water

Step ①

Pour hot water of 50°C or higher over the entire bathtub for at least 5 seconds. This is mold prevention, so you don’t need to apply it for more than 90 seconds. Also, there is a danger of burns on the ceiling, so you don’t have to hang it.

Step ②

Rinse lightly with water to prevent moisture from rising.

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Cleaning method to prevent mold ④

Smoke-type mildew remover

For those who find it difficult to prevent mold on a daily basis, it is effective to use an anti-mold fumigation agent specifically for bathtubs. If you use this once every two months, it will remove even invisible mold and prevent the growth of mold. However, for black mold that has already grown, it has the effect of preventing it from spreading, but it cannot remove black mold. We recommend using it before black mold grows. This time, as an example, I will explain how to use the product in the image above.

Step ①

Stop the ventilation fan. If there are windows, please close them.

Step ②

Fill the plastic container with water up to the dotted line.

Step ③

Place the fumigant inside the plastic container.

Step ④

When the smoke comes out, go out of the bathroom and close the door.

Step ⑤

After about 90 minutes, ventilation for more than 30 minutes and finished.


What do you think? As with any cleaning, regular maintenance will keep you from fighting stubborn dirt and mold. In particular, the bathtub is a relaxing space that blows away the fatigue of the day. Even if you have been suffering from mold until now, please try this mold prevention method and how to remove it. There is no doubt that your daily bath time will be more comfortable!