How to wash rayon material at home?

wash rayon material at home

It is said that it is difficult to wash rayon material at home, but it is difficult to send out rayon, which is widely used around us, for cleaning every time. If you hold down the points, you can wash it neatly at home without shrinking. We will show you how to wash by hand and by machine.

Characteristics of rayon material

dvantages of rayon material

beautiful luster

Rayon is a material that was born for the purpose of artificially making silk, which is a high-class material. As you can see from the notation “rayon”, the word “ray” is the origin of the word. It has a beautiful luster like silk, and it is used for clothes and dresses that take advantage of its good color development because it is easy to blend with dyes and can express vivid colors.

beautiful drape

It is often used as an alternative to expensive silk because it has a thick texture and excellent drape. Even with a casual item, you can create a classy and elegant atmosphere by adding a beautiful drape. It is used in a wide range of items, and is valued as a material that is cheaper than silk and can be seen elegantly.

high hygroscopicity

Rayon is characterized by its high hygroscopicity and smooth texture. It is also used for innerwear, linings, and bedding because it feels good on the skin and doesn’t get sticky even when you sweat. Due to its smooth texture and cool feel, it is often used especially in the summer, but it is also used for knitwear because it is comfortable to wear.

Disadvantages of rayon material

Weak against water

Rayon is a man-made synthetic fiber made from wood pulp. Fibers made by dissolving cellulose fibers in wood pulp and regenerating them as cellulose are called “regenerated fibers”. Because it is made from wood, it has the property of being vulnerable to water anyway. This point is also similar to silk. It is difficult to wash it normally, and it may get wet with water and cause water stains.


It is a very delicate material that is weak against heat and the durability of the fabric itself is low. There is a disadvantage that it takes a lot of care to wash and store it at home. Another drawback is that it shrinks easily. Clothing made from 100% rayon is particularly susceptible to shrinkage and is considered difficult to handle. In order to compensate for the weaknesses of rayon, it is sometimes blended with wrinkle-resistant and highly durable polyester to make it easier to handle.

clothes used

shirts and blouses

When used in shirts and blouses, it is often blended with polyester. Polyester has the disadvantage of low water absorption, but it does not wrinkle easily, and the advantages and disadvantages of rayon are complemented by each other. When used as a shirt, it goes well with the thickness of rayon and the durability of polyester.

Dress, dress, skirt

Because of its silky luster and drape, it is often used for party dresses, skirts, and dance dresses. When movement is added, the soft and supple texture of rayon stands out even more beautifully, making it useful for occasions. Because it is not everyday wear and does not require frequent maintenance, it is often made of 100% rayon.

inner pajamas

In fact, rayon is also a heat-generating material, so it is sometimes used as innerwear for winter. Rayon fibers absorb sweat and moisture and generate heat. It is sold as a warm inner layer by blending it with heat-retaining materials such as acrylic and polyester. Cotton and blended materials are comfortable to wear, so they are often seen in pajamas.


It is often used for knitwear due to its high moisture retention and smooth texture. It’s smooth and shiny, and the point is that it’s not too casual. However, rayon also has the characteristic of being prone to pilling when blended. Especially in blended knits with polyester, which are often used, rayon fluff tends to get entangled in the polyester and form pills.

Before washing rayon material

Before washing clothes that use rayon, there is something you want to check. Let’s take a closer look.

Check the washing label

100% rayon%

Since rayon material is vulnerable to water, even if it is 100% rayon or a mixed material, the higher the rayon ratio, the more likely it is that it cannot be washed with water. Before washing, check the washing label to see if it is washable. If you can’t wash it with water, it’s safer to send it to the dry cleaners because even hand-washing at home is risky.

polyester blend

How to wash rayon material at home ①Washing machine edition

What should I be careful about when washing clothes made of rayon in a washing machine at home? Let’s take a closer look at the caveats.

Be careful with colored patterns

important point

The rayon material has the characteristic that it is easy for dyes to blend in and to be dyed easily. In other words, when it gets wet, the dye tends to leach out. Colors may fade, stain, or transfer to other laundry when washed. Even with colored fabrics, you need to be careful because the dye is easy to come off, especially if it is a dark color.

Color fading confirmation

If you want to wash rayon with other laundry, make sure it’s colorfast before washing. Apply a small amount of detergent to an inconspicuous part of the rayon material and lightly rub the surface with a white cloth or cotton swab. If the color is transferred, avoid washing it with other laundry, and wash the rayon material alone or wash it by hand.

wash with a gentle course

Because it is a delicate material, it is important to wash it gently without putting a load on it. Hand washing is recommended at home, but you can also use the washing machine if you choose the washing method. If you use a washing machine, choose a course that can gently wash delicate materials such as “dry course” or “hand wash course”.

use a laundry net

Be sure to use a laundry net, as friction may damage the fabric or cause it to lose its shape. Turn the garment inside out to prevent damage to the material. Fold it neatly so that it does not lose its shape, and put it in a laundry net that is just the right size so that it does not have too much room. To further reduce the damage, it is also a good way to wash the clothes by wrapping them in a bath towel and putting them in the laundry net.

short term dehydration

Dehydration in a washing machine puts a lot of stress on the fabric, so it is important to finish it in as short a time as possible. It is best to stop dehydration after 10 to 30 seconds. Dehydration can damage the fabric, so don’t aim to dry the fabric.

How to wash rayon material at home ②Hand wash

gently press wash

It can be washed in a washing machine, but it is recommended to wash it by hand as it can be soaked in water for a shorter time and is gentler. Put water or lukewarm water in a washbowl or the like, and dissolve the laundry detergent for fashionable clothes such as Emar introduced earlier. Put clothes in and gently press and wash your hands for about 30 seconds. Washing by scrubbing and rubbing is strictly prohibited as it will damage the fabric.

Rinse thoroughly

Rinse quickly and gently. Replace the water in the basin, gently shake the clothes in the water and repeat until the bubbles disappear, then replace with clean water and rinse thoroughly. Because it is immersed in water, the fabric can be damaged even by simply rinsing it by hand. Let’s finish quickly in about 30 seconds. It is also important to choose a detergent such as emal that is easy to remove foam and can be rinsed only once.

towel dry

Once the bubbles are completely gone, towel dry. It can be washed in a dehydrator as well as in a washing machine, but towel drying is recommended to minimize damage to the fabric. Wrap the clothes after rinsing with a bath towel to absorb moisture. A certain amount of moisture can be removed just by pinching it lightly, so you don’t need to hit it hard to dry it.

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Correct way to dry rayon material

After washing, the next step is drying. Let’s check how to dry rayon.

drying in the shade

You want to dry it in the sun to make it dry, but rayon can fade in direct sunlight. Dry in the shade to prevent fading. If it is well ventilated, it can be dried in the shade. Products such as shirts, which are often made of polyester blended material, may not have a shade mark because polyester is resistant to heat and sunlight.

Dry flat

When you think of drying, you may imagine hanging it on a hanger or using a hanger pinch. Drying the rayon material in such a way may wrinkle it or stretch it out of shape. Smooth out any wrinkles and then lay flat to dry. There is also an item called a flat-drying net that allows you to hang and dry your clothes unfolded, so you might want to try it.

How to store and care for rayon clothes

Carefully store dried rayon clothing. Finally, we will look at how to store and care.

Storage method

Beware of Humidity

Rayon material may shrink under the influence of moisture if it is stored damp without being dried properly, or if the humidity in the storage area is high. If it is not dry, you will be worried about the growth of mold. Even if you wash it carefully, you may be disappointed if it shrinks during storage. Choose a place that is dry and dry, and store it with a dehumidifier.

Beware of insect bites

The raw material of rayon is wood pulp, which has soft fibers, so you need to be careful of worms. Storing your clothes with dirt on them increases the chances of them being eaten by moths. As a preventive measure, make sure to store it in a clean, washed state. Even if it is not dried, it may cause worm-eaten, so be careful. It is a good idea to add insect repellent along with a desiccant to prevent humidity.

Roll up and store

It has the characteristic of wrinkling easily, so I have been careful about how to wash and dry it, but I also have to pay attention to how to store it. If you hang it on a hanger, it will easily leave marks. In order to keep it in a clean state, we recommend that you roll it up and store it with plenty of room in the storage space.

Care method

Eliminate wrinkles

If it gets wrinkled, you can iron it out. You may want to use a steam iron to smooth out wrinkles, but steam ironing is strictly prohibited on rayon, which is vulnerable to water. Dry the fabric with a dry iron. If the temperature is too high, it may damage the delicate material, so use a cloth at low to medium temperature.

Eliminate shrinkage

If your hair has shrunk, you can use a silicone hair conditioner or rinse to restore it. Fill a basin with water and dissolve 3 pumps of hair conditioner or rinse. Soak rayon clothing here for about 30 minutes, then rinse and dry just like washing by hand. It’s easy, so it might be worth a try.


Clothing made from rayon material is delicate and very delicate, but if you wash, dry and store it carefully, you can keep it clean without shrinking. If you know the characteristics of the material and choose the method that suits your clothes, such as washing machine or hand washing at home, you can enjoy it for a long time. By all means, please try washing rayon at home with the method introduced.