Is it okay to wash shoes in the washing machine?

wash shoes in the washing machine

Washing shoes is troublesome! Wouldn’t it be nice if the indoor shoes you brought home from school and the dirty sneakers could be washed in a washing machine like your clothes? Actually, with a little trick, the shoes can be washed in the washing machine. Then no matter how dirty it gets, it’s okay! We also explain how to put it in the washing machine and how to put it in the washing machine.

Can you wash lace-up shoes in the washing machine?

It is difficult to wash sneakers, children’s sports shoes and indoor shoes. If the white sneakers get dirty, the fashion level will be halved, and children’s shoes will have dirt and odors stuck to them. It would be nice if it was easy to wash like clothes. Once you master how to do this, you can wash athletic shoes and other items that can be washed with water using the normal course of the washing machine. It’s a little surprising. Here’s how to wash shoes in the washing machine.

Is it okay to use my home washing machine?

Of course, you can use a normal home washing machine! Even if you don’t have a special course, you can wash it depending on how you do it. You should be able to wash your shoes in most washing machines, but always check the instructions before starting work. Also, shoes are categorized as heavily soiled. Considering that the method of washing by soaking is effective, a vertical washing machine is more effective, but a drum type is also fine.

Correct way to wash shoes

Let’s wash it off right away. Before starting work, check the items that cannot be washed. First of all, leather shoes (including synthetic leather) and suede shoes cannot be washed with water. Also, women’s heels should not be washed with water, even if the material is cotton. The shape will collapse and the decoration will be damaged.

When can I wash my shoes?

Choose a sunny day to do your laundry. If you wash it completely and leave it half-dried for a long time, it will have an unpleasant odor. If you have time to soak it in, so you can’t do it unless it’s raining on a day off, or if it’s not dry enough but you need it by tomorrow, we’ll show you how to solve it in the next chapter.

4 things you need to wash your shoes

Most of the time, you can make it in time with what you have at home. All you need is 4 things. A scrubbing brush, bleach, detergent, and a laundry net. It’s all about what you have at home. However, the laundry net is a little different from the one you usually use, so if you don’t have one, we recommend purchasing one.

What you need for cleaning shoes ① Shoe brush

The first is a shoe brush. A must for washing. I wash it in the washing machine, but the purpose is to remove rough dirt before putting it in. Even 100-yen items are fine. It is very convenient to have an old toothbrush!

What you need to wash your shoes ② Laundry detergent

Shoe detergent is fine, but laundry detergent for washing clothes is also fine. Powder seems to have stronger cleaning power than liquid, but recent detergents have good performance, so you can use whatever you have at home.

What you need for cleaning shoes ③ Net for shoes

This is the most important tool for washing shoes in the washing machine. The difference from ordinary clothes washing nets is that they have cushions such as sponges. This prevents rattling when the washing machine is turned, and protects the shoes and both from damage. It is sold at 100-yen stores, and there are various types on Amazon, so you can compare and choose. When you want to wash basketball shoes, don’t forget to check the size!

What you need for cleaning shoes ④ Oxyclean

In particular, white shoes and children’s indoor shoes stand out if they are dirty. If you soak and bleach it, the whiteness will stand out. If it is white, you can use a fluorescent bleach such as Haiter. Are you in the kitchen? But if it’s something with a colored pattern, Wide Haiter or Oxyclean is convenient. It has a strong detergency, so if you apply it thoroughly and bleach it, dirt and odors will be clean!

Oxyclean Solvent Tips

  • Oxyclean is effective when dissolved in hot water. Start boiling water in a large pot before starting to work efficiently.

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Wash your shoes in the washing machine

First, as a preparation, remove the shoelaces and insoles. Wash this separately. Next, slam the shoes on the floor outside the front door to remove any large dirt or pebbles stuck in the sole. It’s a simple task, but if you don’t do it, it’s a big difference. After that, if you sweep the entrance, it’s killing two birds with one stone. The entrance is also beautiful and it feels good.

How to wash with a washing machine ① Brush wash

Move to a place where water comes out and use a brush to roughly wash the surface of the shoe. If you remove most of the dirt that didn’t come off even if you hit it earlier, it will be easier later. Also, are the soles of your sneakers clogged with pebbles? If this remains, it may cause the washing machine to malfunction, so be sure to remove it completely. An old toothbrush comes in handy at times like this. For shoelaces and insoles, apply detergent to the heavily soiled areas, rub them clean, and rinse.

How to wash in a washing machine ② Soak

Dissolve bleach in enough water to fully submerge your shoes. For Oxyclean, the optimum solvent temperature is 40-60 degrees. Add oxyclean to it and mix well. It’s difficult to dissolve, so the trick is to mix well and dissolve! If you put it directly in a vertical washing machine, turn it a little to dissolve it. The drum type cannot hold a lot of water, so use a tub or bucket to soak it.

How long does it take to soak?

  • The time to soak the shoes in the solvent is 30 minutes to 1 hour for bleach and 20 minutes to 6 hours for oxyclean. Be careful not to leave shoelaces and insoles on as they may deteriorate.

How to wash with a washing machine ③ Wash

Put the finished shoes in the shoe net and wash them in normal mode. You want to wash it in powerful mode because it is very dirty, right? However, washing too hard can damage your shoes. Since it is firmly attached, let’s turn it in normal mode here! After dehydration, washing is complete. The shoelaces will dry faster if you keep them together for dehydration only. Drain the insole with a towel.

How to wash in a washing machine ④ Dry in the shade

Dry the dehydrated shoes, shoelaces, and insoles in a well-ventilated place in the shade. It is also important not to expose it to direct sunlight. Sneakers and other shoes are mainly made of cotton, so they may fade if exposed to the sun. Even the white ones have turned yellowish. If you leave it in the shade outside the building or in a place where the sun does not hit directly, such as the fence of the veranda, for half a day, it will dry out if the weather is fine. Dry the laces and insoles together. Once it’s dry, re-thread it and you’re done.

What to do with shoes that can’t be washed

Leather shoes (including synthetic leather), items with delicate decorations, and heels cannot be washed in the washing machine. Instead of washing these things, we take care of them to remove dirt and make them last longer. Use a special brush to remove dirt and polish with cream. There are special brushes and sprays for suede, so use them. You can also use a toothbrush for fine dirt.

Tips to make leather shoes last longer

  • Taking care of your leather shoes the day you wear them, and not wearing the same shoes every day is another way to make them last longer!

Here’s another way to wash your shoes!

If you don’t want to wash your shoes in the same washing machine as your clothes, but you don’t want to buy a dedicated washing machine, we recommend a coin laundry. Some laundromats have washing machines and dryers specifically for shoes, and washing and drying can be completed in about 20 minutes each. The method is the same as the one for home use, so you can easily wash it. If the weather is too bad to bring your child to school tomorrow and it won’t be dry, you can just come and dry them.


Washing your shoes is a tedious task. Once you learn how to do it, it feels good to be able to wash it with water just like clothes. It’s OK with a home washing machine, not special. As long as I’m happy with how easy it is to wash. I feel like the use of home washing machines has expanded. If you do well until bleaching, your feet will be fashionable again. I’m sure your kids will be happy to bring clean slippers with them on Mondays!