How to attach an indoor clothesline to the ceiling?

How to attach an indoor clothesline to the ceiling

Do you use it as an indoor clothesline? We recommend installing an indoor clothesline on the ceiling, which is indispensable for busy modern people, as it can be dried regardless of the weather or time. From the type that can be lifted and lowered electrically and stored in the ceiling to the simple type that can be installed by DIY, we will introduce how to install and how to use it!

What is an indoor clothesline

Indoor drying is different from drying the washed laundry on the veranda or on the clothesline in the garden. means the method. Instead of drying with outside wind and sunlight, the moisture in the laundry evaporates into the less humid room air.

Need for indoor clothes drying

Laundry happens in the morning or at night, regardless of the weather. Even if it is not raining when you dry it, it may rain on the way. If you go to work or shopping, the laundry will get wet in the rain because you can’t take it in right away. In addition, depending on the season, pollen and yellow sand may adhere. If you dry it indoors, you don’t have to worry about these things.

I’ve been failing by letting the laundry get wet in the rain many times! I’m disappointed that I have to redo it.

There was a time when my favorite shirt was blown away by the wind. I need an environment where I can dry indoors.

Advantages of ceiling clothes drying

In addition to the weather, there are many apartments where it is not possible to dry clothes outside, people who wash their clothes at night after returning home from work due to changes in lifestyle, and many people who dry their clothes indoors to alleviate the symptoms of hay fever during the season when pollen is abundant. I guess. You can also use a hanger rack to dry your laundry indoors, but this time , I would like to focus on a ceiling-mounted clothesline that allows you to dry your laundry indoors without taking up much space! Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Store away when not in use

The biggest advantage of the ceiling clothesline is that it can be stored away when not in use. No matter where you place it, you can easily remove the clothesline when not in use. High-spec items that can be raised and lowered with the touch of a button and stored in the ceiling are often heard when building a house, saying, “It’s one of the items I’m glad I installed!”

Can be placed in the center of the room

A ceiling clothesline can be installed anywhere in a room as long as there is a ceiling. It’s convenient to hang clothes in the room or on the window sill, but ceiling-mounted clothes racks have a large drying capacity, so you can freely choose a place that doesn’t get in the way of your daily activities. If you install it in your bedroom, you can also use it to ensure the humidity while you sleep during the dry winter season, killing two birds with one stone.

Easy to dry in the shade

Drying in the shade is recommended for delicate or important clothing, as indicated on the washing instructions. However, it is difficult to find a shade in the daytime when drying clothes on the veranda or in the garden. The sun from May onwards is very strong, and black clothing and colored patterned items are sunburned and faded. The advantage of indoor drying is that you can dry your clothes without worrying about the sun!

Long items can be dried

If you use a hanger rack for indoor use, won’t the hem of a long dress stick to the floor? If it is a ceiling clothesline, you don’t have to worry about the length. You can dry wet suits used in water sports and long strings without worrying about the length!

Can be used for purposes other than drying

A clothing steamer that can easily remove wrinkles from clothing even just before going out. Hot steam comes out, so if there is a wall or curtain behind your clothes, you will be worried about mold and moisture. If you have a clothesline attached to the ceiling, you can steam your clothes without worrying about the place.

Type of clothesline attached to the ceiling

With a clothesline attached to the ceiling, you can dry delicate clothes without worrying about prying eyes, prevent pollen and dust, and steam clothes. What kind of clothesline can be attached to the ceiling? Let’s take a look at the three types: the electric lifting type, the manual type, and the simple type!

(1)Electric elevating ceiling embedded type

“Hoshihime-sama” is a popular ceiling-mounted clothesline that can be stored electrically using a dedicated switch or a wall-mounted switch. Equipment must be placed in the ceiling and electrical wiring work must be done, so it is necessary to decide in advance when the house is constructed. If it’s a type with two clothesline poles, it’s enough capacity for a home with a lot of laundry. Since the ceiling becomes flat during storage, there is an advantage that it looks good.

Electric lift ceiling direct attachment type

If there is a beam that cannot be moved at the installation location or if a large opening space cannot be obtained, there is a direct-mounted type. Since electrical work is required, it cannot be installed by DIY, but if there is a wall-mounted switch like the electricity in the room, it will not take time to move up and down. The type that allows the rod to be lowered to the waist is recommended as it is easy to use even with a wheelchair.

(3) Manual storage ceiling embedded type

If you want a ceiling-mounted clothesline, but you don’t have a lot of laundry to do and don’t want to spend that much, we recommend the manual type. Compared to electric, the capacity and price that can be dried are about half. It’s nice that the ceiling is flat when stored, and it’s compact, so you can install it in a small space.

Manual storage ceiling direct attachment type

The recommended point of the manual type directly attached to the ceiling is that it can be installed in a renovation and is compact! In addition to “Hoshihime Sama”, there is also Kawaguchi Giken’s “Host Clean”, which handles a lot of clothes drying. It is popular for its ease of operation and its stylish appearance even though it is attached directly. It can be raised and lowered using the operation bar and can dry around 8 kg of laundry.

Easy to remove and store type

There is also a type that you can remove the hoop and clothesline for those who usually dry outside but want to dry in the room only when necessary. It is popular because it is easy to put on and use, you can choose the length of the hoop, it is cheap, and it has a stylish design. The installation location can also be attached to gypsum board, so you can DIY!

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How to install a ceiling clothesline

There were various types, from those that required electrical work to those that could be DIYed. How was it? If it’s your first time using a ceiling-mounted clothesline, you need courage to do a full-fledged construction. This time, we will introduce how to install and use the Nasta AirHoop Base (parts for ceiling mounting) that you can DIY!

How to attach the Base of NASTA AirHoop

If the mounting location of the base is a gypsum board, firmly embed the anchor with a special adhesive! If you can find the base material in the place where you want to install it, finding the center of the base material is the key to good installation! NASTA’s AirHoop installation video explains everything from how to find the base material to how to install it in an easy-to-understand manner, so don’t worry if you’re new to DIY!

AirHoop assembly

AirHoop assembly

AirHoop has a very simple structure. Simply align the top and bottom screws of the hoop and twist to complete. Turn the screw firmly so that it does not come loose after installation. I will prepare two hoops for hanging the clothesline.

AirHoop assembly2

The umbrella-like part at the top of the hoop catches on the base attached to the ceiling. Make sure there are no dents or dents.

How to attach AirHoop and Base

How to attach AirHoop and Base

If you slide the hoop from the front to the back and hook it, the installation of the hoop is complete.

How to attach the clothesline

How to attach the clothesline
How to attach the clothesline

Adjust the direction of the hoop ring and hang the clothesline.

How to attach the clothesline2

The length of the clothesline can be adjusted according to the amount of laundry. Installation is complete!

When installing the simple type

  • Cannot be installed on sloping ceilings
  • When attaching to a gypsum board, embed a special anchor
  • In the case of long-term excellent housing, let’s consult with the manufacturer about the installation location just in case.

How to use the ceiling clothesline

The amount of laundry that can be dried is 8kg to 15kg depending on the product, whether it is a type that can be lifted and stored or a simple type that can be installed by DIY. The clothesline attached to the bath seems to be able to safely dry up to 10 kg with one. The laundry is weighed by the washing machine, so you don’t know how much the washed laundry weighs. So let’s actually see the amount of laundry!

How to use the ceiling-mounted indoor clothesline (hanger)

A dehydrated adult cotton shirt weighs about 250g. In the photo, I collected 14 adult and child shirts, washed them, and weighed 4kg including hangers. For a family of four with children, 8kg seems to be enough if the amount of laundry is not too much. Using a fan or dehumidifier will speed up the drying time. You can dry it without worrying about the time or weather, so it fits your lifestyle of drying it at night and putting it away in the morning!

How to use the indoor clothesline attached to the ceiling (pinch hanger)

This time, when I washed heavy adult pants and thick bath towels, it was 6 kg in the amount of the photo. For households with a large amount of laundry, a product with two clothesline poles and a load capacity of about 15 kg is recommended. With the simple type, there is a risk that the hoop will come off if the clothesline swings, so it is important to use a fan to blow the air weakly or face the wall.

How to use the ceiling-mounted indoor clothesline (semi-dry)

How about half-dried laundry taken in by sudden rain? The photo shows 11 knitwear, 5 cotton shirts, and 6 innerwear after drying. It has a lot of capacity. If you usually dry it outside and only dry it indoors when it rains or is windy, 8kg seems to be enough. The best place to install it is near the outside clothesline.

Steaming with a clothesline attached to the ceiling

You can hang your clothes on a clothesline or hoop and iron or steam them on the spot. Ironing and steaming, which are often used, can be hung until the clothes cool down, so there is no need to worry about wrinkles when folded. Since it is performed while standing, it is important to choose a hoop that suits your height.

When using a clothesline attached to the ceiling

  • For safety, do not forcefully shake
  • Try to keep the laundry from lying in one place
  • Protect the load capacity including the clothesline and hangers


Did you get a sense of how comfortable the ceiling-mounted clothesline is? If you have a large amount of laundry, you can rest assured that the electric work will be done and the electric lifting will be performed. Even if you don’t often hang clothes indoors, or if you don’t do a lot of laundry, it’s convenient if you can store it when not in use. May your daily laundry be more comfortable with a ceiling-mounted clothesline that allows you to dry your laundry comfortably without taking up space on the floor!