How to clean your computer keyboard? How to clean dust and dirt?

How to clean your computer keyboard

This is a special feature on how to clean a “computer keyboard” that can actually be very dirty. We will introduce a wide range of cleaning methods for computer keyboards, from basic cleaning methods using brushes and air dusters to recommended cleaning items and methods to prevent stains.

computer keyboard needs cleaning

Computer keyboards are covered with dust, oils from hands, and other contaminants. The more frequently you use it, the more likely it is to get dirty, and if you use a computer every day at work, it may be dirtier than a toilet seat.

Cleaning your keyboard is easy if you know how

It’s easy to overlook it because it doesn’t change its appearance, but in fact, there are easy ways to clean the keyboard, where dust and dirt tend to accumulate, using a brush or wet tissue. We will also introduce special items that can be easily cleaned.

Basic cleaning procedure for a computer keyboard

Basic keyboard cleaning can be completed in 3 steps here.

  1. Use a brush to remove dust from the surface of the keyboard.
  2. Use an air duster, etc., to blow away dust that has entered the gaps between the keys.
  3. Wipe the surface of the keyboard with a sanitizing wet tissue.

In order to avoid malfunction, it is better to turn off the power or disconnect the computer. Also, if it is very dirty, you can remove the key itself and clean it.

The ideal cleaning frequency is after each use.

It’s cleaning to keep cleanliness, but if possible, every time after using the computer is ideal. As for daily maintenance, instead of doing all of the maintenance I introduced earlier, you can keep it clean by consciously performing the third step, “wiping off the surface of the keyboard.”

You can also use a keyboard cover to prevent dirt

To keep your keyboard clean, you have the option of not getting it dirty in the first place. Keyboard covers are useful for this purpose, and there are two main types.

1) Cover with a soft cover throughout use

The best way to prevent dirt is to cover the keyboard with a soft, transparent silicone cover to guard against direct contact with the keyboard. However, it takes some getting used to, as the feel of typing will inevitably change.

2) Cover the surface of the keyboard with a cloth after use

Any cloth can be used to cover it, and it is a method that can be handled with a hand-held scarf or bandana. This is an idea for desktop computer keyboards that are often left exposed, and reduces maintenance by preventing dust from entering when not in use.

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Computer keyboard cleaning tool introduction

Here are some useful items for cleaning your computer keyboard. If you have a set of special cleaners and dust removers, you can clean the computers in the office.

Item ① Office Cleaner

This is a cleaner that can be used to clean keyboards, monitors, glass, and many other things in the office. It is easy to use, just spray it on and wipe it off with a cloth or tissue.

Item ② USB Handy Cleaner

This is a handy cleaner that can be used by connecting to a USB. Since it is a direct power supply type, it can absorb fine dust and dirt that has accumulated in the gaps of the keyboard while being compact. Vacuum cleaner filters are economical because they can be removed, washed with water, and reused.

Item ③ Wet tissue

This is a wet tissue type cleaner for OA equipment. It is a type that contains electrolytic alkaline ionized water that is easy to remove dirt, and dirt can be removed by wiping it off. In addition, this is a small pack of 15 pieces that is easy to use up, and you can prevent minor problems such as “dry before using up” that tend to occur in large-capacity packs.

Item ④ Cleaning slime

This is a slime that absorbs and cleans dirt and dust that has gotten into the small gaps of the keyboard. At first glance, the soft slime that can be shaped freely looks like a liquid, but it does not stick to your hands or keyboard, and you can only remove dust.

Item ⑤ Dust removal brush

A brush that can easily remove dirt and dust is very convenient to have for daily maintenance. This is a set of a large brush with long bristles that is easy to use for large areas such as monitors, and a small brush with short bristles that is easy to use for keyboards, and you can store the brushes in the stick.

Item ⑥ Keyboard extraction tool

This is a special tool for pulling out a computer keyboard. Excessive dirt can make the keyboard less responsive. In such a case, it is necessary to pull out the keyboard and carefully remove dust and dirt, but if you have a special tool, the work will go smoothly.

Remove the keyboard and put it back in place

As a matter of course, if the removed key is not put back in the correct position, it will be very difficult to use. It’s hard to remember the position, so take a picture of the entire keyboard in advance and clean it so you can easily put it back.

Item ⑦ Air duster

This is an air duster that blows and cleans the dust in the gaps of the keyboard. It is very useful to have one in the office because it can move dust in crevices that are difficult to reach with a brush. In addition, it is recommended to use a type that can be used even if the can is upside down.

Recommended cover introduction for PC keyboard

Finally, we would like to introduce some keyboard covers. Keyboard covers are not only practical, but there are also fashionable ones such as colored ones.

Item ① Colorless silicone cover

This is a soft silicone keyboard cover. The keyboard is clear and colorless, making it easy to see, making it inconspicuous. This item is for laptops without a numeric keypad, and you can get a better fit by ordering a keyboard layout or model-specific cover.

Item ② shower cap type

This is a keyboard cover that can be used regardless of the model by covering the entire keyboard like a shower cap. It’s easy to carry and disposable, so it’s useful when you’re out and about, such as at a manga cafe or Internet cafe, where your computer isn’t hygienic.

Item ③ Seat type

This is an elastic sheet keyboard cover. Since it self-adsorbs to the keyboard surface, you don’t have to worry about it slipping while typing, and you can use it to fit any shape keyboard with a free cut. It can also be used to prevent dirt on remote controls other than keyboards.

Item ④ Colorful type

If you are using a personal computer at home, we recommend choosing a computer with a unique color. The size and key arrangement are slightly different for each model, so it is better to check as much as possible before purchasing.

Item ④ Self-made cloth type

If you are good at handmade, you can also make your own items around your computer with your favorite cloth. This is an example of not only the keyboard cover, but also the monitor cover and printer cover patterns. You can create a warm space by adding handmade works around the computer, which tends to be inorganic.


How was it? This time, it was a special feature on how to clean the keyboard of the computer. In fact, the keyboard, which is very easy to get dirty, can be cleaned by using various items such as wet wipes, brushes, and air dusters. We hope that it will be helpful for your daily maintenance.