Can dust mites be sucked up with a vacuum cleaner?

dust mites be sucked up with a vacuum cleaner

If you can’t dry your futon in rainy or humid weather, or if your carpet gets damp, don’t you worry about dust mites? Even if you clean properly, you may be worried if you don’t know if the vacuum cleaner is really sucking up dust mites. Therefore, we will introduce recommended vacuum cleaners and extermination methods that can suck dust mites.

Can dust mites be sucked up with a vacuum cleaner?

Even if you clean your house perfectly, invisible nuisance mites are lurking here and there. I want to get rid of ticks as soon as possible. Therefore, this time, we will introduce how to effectively suck mites using a vacuum cleaner and the best vacuum cleaner for exterminating mites. If you use an effective method and a vacuum cleaner with a certain level of performance, you can suck up mites!

First of all, let’s know the characteristics of ticks!

Under what circumstances do mites occur? As a basic knowledge to get rid of ticks efficiently, first of all, let’s know when ticks are likely to occur, and in what places and environments in the house they often occur.

By knowing ticks, you can take measures to effectively get rid of ticks!

What environments are prone to ticks?

Humid periods such as the rainy season

Weather conditions in which ticks are more likely to occur include periods of high humidity. Especially during the rainy season, the humidity is high and it rains for a long time. Ticks are said to increase rapidly at room temperature of 25°C and humidity of 60%.

room with few windows

Even in a house, rooms with few windows or lack of sunlight tend to accumulate a lot of moisture, making them ideal conditions for dust mites. When the temperature gets warmer, if you don’t take sufficient measures such as opening the windows for ventilation, the room will always be damp. In a room with insufficient ventilation, it is effective to use a fan to lower the humidity.

Places where dust tends to accumulate and are difficult to clean

Although it differs depending on the type of mites, dust mites, which often occur in the house, feed mainly on proteins such as dust, human sebum and redness. Places where dust tends to accumulate become feeding grounds for mites, so in order to exterminate dust mites, it is necessary to consider the placement of furniture so that dust does not accumulate, and to remove dust by cleaning using cleaners. will be

If you have a room or place in your house that you can think of, you need to take immediate measures to remove ticks!

What are the symptoms of body damage caused by ticks?

What are the symptoms of human damage caused by ticks? Many people may think lightly that they develop itching in the body, saying, “Isn’t it itchy?”, but depending on your constitution, it may become serious. Let’s check the damage caused by mites and the symptoms caused by the damage.

Main damage and symptoms caused by mites

What kind of damage is caused by ticks?

  • tick bite
  • Infection occurs when the virus enters through a tick bite wound
  • Onset of allergy due to inhalation of dust containing dead mites

Symptoms of tick damage

  • Itching and swelling at the bite site
  • bite marks remain
  • Pathogenic bacteria invade from the bitten part, causing various diseases due to infectious diseases
  • Allergic symptoms due to inhalation of mite droppings or mite corpses (rhinitis, skin inflammation due to atopic dermatitis, rash due to rash)

If you wake up from the futon and feel itchy, or if you notice marks that look like you’ve been bitten without realizing it, you should suspect tick damage!

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In some cases, it may be mild, but it may be more severe depending on your constitution.

People who are naturally allergic may develop asthma or atopic dermatitis due to damage from mites. Some people think that the symptoms of mite damage are only itching and rhinitis and that they will heal quickly, so they put up with the itching or cover up the symptoms with over-the-counter rhinitis medicines that seem to be effective. However, let’s know that the symptoms will not improve unless the mites that are the cause of the damage are exterminated with a cleaner.

It is necessary to suppress the symptoms of itching and rhinitis, but it is important to take measures to exterminate ticks first.

How to get rid of dust mites by vacuuming them?

Now that we know where mites are found and the environment in which they are likely to occur, what is the best way to get rid of mites? If you can absorb dust mites with a cleaner, you can also remove dust that feeds mites, so it is effective. Let’s take a look at how to use a cleaner to see how vacuuming can effectively get rid of mites.

Three measures to effectively suck mites using a vacuum cleaner

Points for effectively sucking mites with a vacuum cleaner

  • Dry in the sun or in a dryer to stop mites from moving before vacuuming.
  • Raise the mites to the surface by tapping the futon or carpet
  • Slowly apply while moving the vacuum cleaner back and forth

① Dry fabric products at high temperature

Live dust mites move around, so when you vacuum up fabric items such as futons and carpets with a cleaner, they will escape to the back. “High temperature drying” is an effective countermeasure to stop the movement of mites. More than half of mites are killed by drying at high temperature with a home futon dryer or a large dryer at a coin laundry. It is recommended to use a cleaner to absorb dead mites.

Even if you don’t have a dryer, you can still get rid of mites by drying them in the sun on a sunny day!

(2) When hitting cloth products, be sure to do so outdoors.

After drying at a high temperature or drying in the sun, beating the futon or carpet will bring the mites hidden deep inside to the surface. However, be sure to do it outdoors when you hit it. When you hit it, dead mites and dust fly into the air, so if you do it indoors, you’ll end up scattering them around the room. Be careful not to inhale the dust that has risen into the indoor air.

Inhaling dead mites and dust can cause allergies, so be careful.

(3) Apply the vacuum cleaner while slowly reciprocating both sides.

The most effective way to get rid of mites is to suck up the dead mites and dust that float to the surface of the futon or carpet by tapping while slowly moving the cleaner back and forth. In order to get rid of mites, be sure to vacuum both sides of the futon or carpet slowly and slowly with a vacuum cleaner.

In order to absorb dust mites, it is effective to vacuum slowly over time!


By knowing the ecology of mites, I found that if I dealt with them properly, they could be sucked out with a vacuum cleaner. If you thoroughly exterminate ticks in an effective way, you can live without worrying about tick damage. Please practice how to absorb mites by combining “drying, tapping, and sucking” techniques, and spend a comfortable time in a clean home.