How to clean the coffee grinder? Here are some tips

clean the coffee grinder

Are you taking care of your coffee grinder? No matter how high-quality beans are used, if the mill is not properly maintained, you cannot enjoy delicious coffee with rich aroma. It is important to clean the grinder after each use. This time, we will introduce in detail how to choose a coffee grinder and how to care for it.

About the coffee grinder

Many people want to enjoy authentic coffee at home. A coffee grinder can make such a wish come true. Grind the coffee beans immediately before brewing, as they oxidize quickly after being ground. That’s why it’s convenient to have one at home. The price is cheap and you can buy it from around 2000 yen, but no matter which mill you choose, it is important to clean it after use.

How to choose a coffee grinder

Manual type coffee mills can be purchased easily, but there are so many types that it is difficult to choose. The mill needs to be cleaned after use, so if you use it frequently, you should consider cleaning it and choose one that is easy to clean. In addition, the shape of the blade and whether or not the roughness can be adjusted are also criteria for selection. Consider the pros and cons of each and choose the one that’s right for you.

Manual type

Manual mills are recommended for those who want to start their coffee life casually. Many of them are small and do not take up much space, and some are even washable. The appearance is also excellent as an interior with a variety of designs ranging from classic to stylish. You can also enjoy the sound, feel and aroma of grinding beans. However, there is also one aspect that it takes time to grind the beans and the amount of beans that can be ground at one time is small.

electric type

The electric mill is recommended for those who want to have a full-fledged coffee life. The advantage of purchasing is that you can grind more beans at one time than the manual type, and the grain size is uniform, so the taste of coffee is stable. In addition, you can grind beans with a single switch, so it is useful when you are drinking coffee in a busy morning or with a large number of people. However, many large ones take up a lot of space, and the loudness of the sound may be a concern.

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About cleaning the coffee grinder

The main purpose of cleaning a coffee grinder is to remove the coffee grounds left behind after using the grinder. Coffee grounds left in the mill will oxidize and adversely affect the taste of the next brewed coffee, so we recommend cleaning the mill every time you use it. This time, we will introduce how to clean HARIO’s “Coffee Mill Ceramic Slim”, which can be washed completely, as an example.

Convenient brush for cleaning

A brush is useful for cleaning the coffee grinder. There are brushes available from mill manufacturers, but you can also use makeup brushes or paint brushes available at 100-yen stores. When choosing a brush, it is important to think of it as a consumable item, rather than blindly choosing an expensive one, and choose it according to the thickness and ease of use that match your favorite mill. The above brush is a substitute for a 100-yen makeup brush.

How often should you clean your coffee grinder?

There may be some people who like coffee and grind beans many times a day. In that case, we recommend lightly cleaning the mill each time you use it. At the end of the day, take it apart and wash it with water. This is an important step to have a pleasant cup of coffee the next morning. From here, we will introduce the parts you want to clean every time you use it, and how to take it apart and wash it with water.

Areas to clean after each use


The hopper is where the beans are put. First, remove the hopper from the main body and carefully scrape out the coffee grounds using a brush. There are steps and gaps, so you can clean them efficiently by focusing on those areas.

Roughness adjustment knob

Coffee fines are also attached to the knob that adjusts the roughness at the bottom of the hopper. Scraps tend to clog the steps, so use a brush to gently scrape them out. Parts that can be cleaned without disassembly, such as the control knobs, should be cleaned after each use.

dust bottle

Similarly, use a brush to scoop out the coffee grounds from the ground bottle. It is a troublesome task, but it is indispensable for coffee, where aroma and flavor are important.

How to disassemble and wash with water at the end of the day

The outer and inner mills, which cannot be removed without disassembly, are cleaned together with other parts at the end of the day. If you wash it before you go to bed at night and let it dry overnight, you can brew coffee with a clean mill the next morning.

How to wash Step 1 Disassemble the mill

Disassemble carefully according to the instructions. In particular, the mortar is made of ceramic, and it is easy to break if dropped or hit, so be careful.

How to wash Step 2: Remove the coffee grounds on the outer and inner mills

Gently brush away coffee grounds that have accumulated in the grooves of the disassembled and removed mortar. Clean the steps carefully.

Washing step 3 Soak in diluted neutral detergent

Since ground coffee powder contains oil, the mortar is coated with oil. Therefore, wash gently with a neutral detergent or soak and wash to remove oil. The mortar is made of ceramic and is vulnerable to impact, so handle it gently.

Washing Step ④ Wash and dry other parts

Other parts of the mill should also be soaked or washed gently with a neutral detergent and rinsed thoroughly. and let it dry overnight. Be sure to let it dry completely before using it. There are many small parts, so be careful not to lose them. By washing, you can enjoy delicious coffee the next morning, so it is recommended for those who drink coffee every day.

About the electric coffee grinder

An electric coffee grinder can grind beans with a single switch. Compared to manual mills, there is less unevenness in grinding, and it is characterized by a stable finish. It can grind beans in a short time, so it is convenient to use when you are busy in the morning or when you enjoy coffee with a large number of people. Here’s how to clean the electric grinder.

How to care for the electric mill

  1. Check if the outlet is unplugged
  2. disassemble according to the instructions
  3. Scrape out the coffee grounds that have accumulated in the back with a brush
  4. Clean the removed parts with a brush.
  5. put it back according to the instructions

The electric mill is basically NG to wash with water. Just wipe the mill body with a tightly wrung cloth.

Benefits of using a coffee grinder

Coffee lovers can expect a variety of benefits from using a coffee grinder. You can enjoy authentic coffee without going to a coffee shop, and you can enjoy luxurious freshly ground coffee outdoors with a hand-held mill that is convenient to carry. Enjoy coffee from grinding beans in various scenes.

Advantage 1: Enjoy the feel and aroma of grinding beans

The feeling of grinding coffee and the scent of coffee drifting in the process of dripping is one of the pleasures of those who own a mill. You can expect a refreshing effect if you spend a healing time with the scent of coffee spreading throughout the room.

Advantage 2: Hand mill can be used anywhere

A compact hand-operated mill does not require a power supply and can be used anywhere. It is convenient to carry, so it is recommended for outdoor use. Camping breakfast is a step up with freshly ground coffee.


The point of cleaning the mill is to clean it easily with a brush every time you use it. For the mills that can be disassembled and washed as introduced this time, we recommend washing them at the end of the day as much as possible so that you can drink coffee comfortably the next morning. An electric mill is also an option for those who want to leave the work of grinding beans and adjusting the roughness to a machine. Enjoy coffee with a mill that suits your lifestyle.