How to clean your bathroom fan! What are the efficient procedures and precautions?

How to clean your bathroom fan

The ventilation fan in the bathroom, which is usually hard to reach, is surprisingly dirty with dust and mold. Learn how to clean your bathroom ventilation fan yourself. If you clean the ventilation fan regularly, it will be able to ventilate properly, so it will be difficult for mold to grow, and it will be easier to clean the bath every day!

type of bathroom fan

There are two types of bathroom ventilation fans. There is a traditional propeller type and a type embedded in the ceiling that is common in unit baths, and some have the functions of bathroom dryers and heaters. First, let’s take a look at the structure of these two types of ventilation fans.

Type ① Sirocco fan type

The ventilation fan embedded in the ceiling attached to the bath of the unit bath is a sirocco fan type. They don’t make a lot of noise, are durable, support 24-hour ventilation, and have bathroom drying, heating, and mist sauna functions. When you open the cover, there is a sirocco fan.

What is a sirocco fan

A sirocco fan is a fan with many long, narrow blades in a cylindrical shape. The sirocco fan rotates to suck air in and ventilate through the duct. If there is a space in the ceiling, you can easily install a ventilation fan without a wall that is in contact with the outside.

Type ② Propeller fan type

When the cover is removed, a propeller fan type fan has blades that look like an airplane propeller. It is attached to the wall with a hole and exhausts the sucked air directly. It can only be installed when the other side of the wall is outdoors. The advantage is that it is simple to make and easy to clean.

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How to clean the bathroom ventilation fan <Necessary tools>

ladder or stepladder
work gloves
rubber gloves
Neutral detergent for bath
brush, sponge, toothpick
bucket or large plastic bag
Vacuum cleaner
mask, goggles


Make sure you have all the tools you need before you start so you don’t panic while you work. To clean small grooves and corners, it is easy and convenient to use a toothpick, bamboo skewer, or other sharp-pointed object in addition to a brush. Buckets and large plastic bags are used for attaching parts. Wear a mask to protect yourself from dust and mold, and open windows to improve ventilation when working.

How to clean the bathroom ventilation fan <Sirocco fan>

Regardless of the type of ventilation fan, read the instruction manual carefully before starting work, and check the procedure, precautions, and cleaning frequency. Depending on the model, the cover cannot be removed or the parts cannot be disassembled. It is also important to work within your comfort zone.

Step 1 Clean the cover

Remove the cover of the ventilation fan, remove the dust roughly, and wash the remaining dirt. Scrub with a brush or sponge, using detergent if necessary. If the cover cannot be removed, clean it as much as possible. If you have a filter, clean it in the same way as the cover.

Step 2: Suck up dust with a vacuum cleaner

Remove large dust from the body of the ventilation fan. If you have a handy type vacuum cleaner, it is light and easy to handle and work. If the sirocco fan can be removed, remove it here. After removing most of the dust from the removed Sirocco fan, wash it carefully with a sponge using a neutral detergent.

If the dirt does not come off, leave it on

If you don’t clean the sirocco fan very often and the sirocco fan is caked with dust, mold, and other dirt that is difficult to remove, try soaking it in a bucket or large plastic bag filled with water and detergent. Dirt on the fan will come loose, so it can be cleaned simply by rubbing it lightly with a sponge or the like.

Step 3: Remove fine dust with a brush, etc.

After removing the large dust on the main unit, remove the fine dust. You can use an old toothbrush or an old brush to remove dust from every corner. If there is a sticky stain, it will be easier to remove by rubbing with a little water.

Step ④ Wipe with a towel

Wipe the exhaust fan with a dry towel. If you have removed the sirocco fan, make sure that you have not washed it or forgot to rinse off the detergent, and dry it completely before reinstalling it. Any remaining dirt, detergent, or moisture may cause mold or odors.

Step ⑤ Replace the cover

After confirming that the washed filter is dry, attach it. After that, attach the cover firmly and the cleaning is completed. Dust may have fallen under the ventilation fan, so clean it up afterwards. Also, make sure that you have not forgotten to attach any small screws that you removed.

How to clean the bathroom ventilation fan <propeller fan>

Step 1 Remove the cover

First, let’s remove the cover as with the sirocco fan type. If the filter is attached, remove it, remove the dust, and then wash it off with water. If the dirt is difficult to remove, use a neutral detergent for the bath to clean it. Also, stubborn stains such as mold can be easily removed by soaking in lukewarm water and then washing.

Step 2: Remove the blades and remove the dust

Depending on the model, you can also remove the wings by removing the large round screw in the center. Remove dust from the feathers, and use a mild bath detergent to gently remove dirt, just like the cover. For hard-to-remove stains such as caked-on mold, soak and wash to remove.

Step 3: Wipe with a dry towel or cloth

Wipe all washed parts clean with a dry towel. Install the parts properly after they are completely dry to prevent rust and mold. Be careful not to forget to attach the parts.

Step 4 Put back the cover and perform a test run

Replace the cover, turn on the power, and perform a test run. After confirming that there are no abnormalities, such as whether there are any abnormal sounds or strange odors, the work is completed. Please clean up the dust that has fallen around and clean up the tools you used. Toothpicks are dangerous, so dispose of them properly.

Tips for cleaning the bathroom fan

Note 1: Turn off the breaker

When cleaning the ventilation fan in the bath, turn off the breaker before starting work. We tend to think that everything is fine because the power is turned off, but there are times when the switch is turned on for some reason. Make sure the breaker is tripped, as there is a risk of electric shock.

Note 2: Do not disassemble too much

At first glance, even if it looks like it can be disassembled, when you try to disassemble it, you may not know how to put it back together, or you may lose small parts. There is a possibility that the repair will not be covered, so we do not recommend disassembling beyond the cleaning method described in the instruction manual.

Note 3: Do not apply force

Don’t use force to clean the stains, just because it won’t remove the stains. If the blades or parts of the ventilation fan are broken or the paint is peeled off, it will not only fail to fulfill its original role, but it will also cause deterioration. Let’s devise such as leaving it on for a long time or using a special brush.

Note 4: Do not pour water

When cleaning the ventilation fan in the bath, do not spray the body of the ventilation fan with water. In addition to the risk of electric shock, it may also cause a malfunction, which may result in unexpected repair charges. Also, moisture can cause mold and unpleasant odors, so be sure to remove the cover after cleaning.

Note 5: Do not overdo it

If you become engrossed in working near the ceiling, which is unfamiliar to you, and fall off the ladder or slip and fall, you will be injured. If you try to remove the cover a little and it doesn’t work smoothly, don’t overdo it and just wipe the surface of the cover.

How to ask the contractor

If you are unsure about cleaning your bathroom ventilation fan, ask a professional cleaning company such as Duskin. They charge a fee, but they have a wealth of knowledge about various models, and they clean them better than you would if you cleaned them yourself. Of course, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down, and you may be able to get tips on how to clean it and how often you need to clean it.

When requesting Duskin

In Duskin, it is possible to check the general price on the Internet. It is recommended that you make a list of specific items to be checked, such as an estimate of the time it will take and when you can have it cleaned, and check it when you request an estimate. Feel free to ask questions about anything you don’t understand and don’t worry.


cleaning area Standard charge (tax included)
As of August 2020
Bathroom cleaning (floor area up to 4㎡, height up to 2.4m) 19,800 yen
+ Ventilation fan (heater dryer) internal cleaning
(fan not removable)
+5,830 yen
+ Ventilation fan (heater dryer) internal cleaning
(fan removable)
+9,240 yen
Ventilation fan (heater/dryer) only 11,000 yen


Ventilation fan cleaning is not included in the basic fee for bathroom cleaning, so you can add it as an option or request cleaning the ventilation fan alone. Please contact us directly for more details and pricing. The table shows the standard price only, and the price varies depending on conditions such as the model and degree of dirtiness.

For more information on Duskin’s bathroom cleaning, see our website!

How to prevent stains on the bathroom ventilation fan

Prevention method ① Clean the cover and filter frequently

While cleaning the bathroom, clean the ventilation fan cover. Simply attach a dry sheet for flooring to the tip of the mop and gently stroke to remove dust. Also, when you wash the air conditioner filter, wash the bath ventilation fan filter together. Even if it’s a simple method, the more frequently you clean it, the less likely it is to get dirty.

Preventive method ② Attach a filter

If you install the dust filter after cleaning the cover, you only need to replace the filter after that, so you can clean it less frequently. If the size and shape are not the same, it will not be possible to remove dust well and the function of the ventilation fan will decrease, so use the product that matches the ventilation fan.

Clean the bathroom fan as much as possible.

Even if you pretend not to see the ventilation fan in the bath, check the method and precautions carefully before you get upset when it breaks down and clean the ventilation fan in the bath. It’s easier than you think, so you may need to clean it more often. If you don’t have the confidence to clean it, don’t overdo it and ask a professional such as Duskin.