How to remove blood stains from towels and clothes

remove blood stains from towels and clothes

Don’t you think blood stains on towels and clothes are difficult to remove? By using the proper washing method and compatible detergents and materials, even blood stains that have passed over time can be removed cleanly! This time, we will introduce how to remove stains and compatible detergents and materials.

Will blood stains on clothes and towels come off?

Blood stains can be removed with proper washing. Have you ever had blood on clothes such as towels and shirts? If you put blood-stained clothes or towels in the washing machine, the color of the stain will only fade and it will not come off cleanly. Even hard-to-remove blood stains and hard-to-remove stains on materials such as wool and knitwear can be removed cleanly by washing them properly.

“Temperature” is important for dropping blood

A component of blood is protein. When blood stains come into contact with air and oxidize, they become stains that are difficult to remove. Blood has the property of solidifying when it comes in contact with hot water . In order to cleanly remove blood stains, it is important to wash with detergents and materials that have the effect of decomposing proteins. The temperature of the water is also important. Washing with hot water clots the blood and has the opposite effect. Always wash with cold to lukewarm water.

Blood stains, when I washed it with hot water, it didn’t come off at all! I see, it had the property of hardening with temperature!

The temperature of the water is important for washing blood stains. After that, let’s wash it properly with compatible detergents and materials!

How to remove blood stains and stains Rinse with water immediately

For example, if your clothes or towels are stained with blood, the quickest way to deal with them is to wash them with water immediately . It is recommended that you wash it with a knob because it can quickly remove dirt. Wash with cold to lukewarm water. If blood gets on your clothes or towels, wash them immediately with water to prevent stains. After washing with water, finish by washing in the washing machine.

It can be quite difficult when you’re out and about, but the point is to wash it with water as soon as it gets dirty!

First aid is important. Over time, blood stains will clot and become difficult to remove.

“Washing” summary

  • If you get blood on it, wash it off immediately.
  • Use cold to lukewarm water instead of hot water

How to remove blood stains and stains Use bleach

It is also effective to pick up bleach directly on the dirty area and wash it, but the blood stains after a long period of time can be easily removed by mixing water and bleach in a basin and soaking it. There are three types of bleaching agents: chlorine-based, oxygen-based, and reducing-based, but the oxygen-based bleach is effective for cleaning blood stains, clothing, and towels . “Chlorine” is strong enough to remove the colors of patterned items, so be sure to use “oxygen bleach” when washing clothes.

Oxygen bleach is good for clothes. If you wash directly with bleach, don’t forget gloves to prevent rough hands!

“Bleach” Summary

  • Use oxygen bleach
  • Knob washing and soak washing are effective
  • Wear gloves when touching

How to remove blood stains and stains Use Magiclean

There are many types of Magiclean, but the most effective for removing blood stains is Magiclean, which removes oil stains. This type of Magiclean removes blood stains perfectly. Spray it directly onto the dirt and let it sit until the bubbles disappear naturally, and the dirt will come to the surface. Rinse it there and put it in the washing machine to finish. For blood stains that have passed for a while, spray, and when the bubbles disappear, repeat the same process as the spray, and tap with a washing brush to remove the stains.

Magiclean, which removes oil stains well, also removes blood stains!

Magiclean cleanly removes blood stains after a long period of time! For stubborn stains, repeat the stain removal.

“Magic Lynn” Summary

  • Use Magiclean to “remove oil stains”
  • Spray → Bubbles → After disappearing, wash with water and wash
  • For hard-to-remove items, repeat the process and use a washing brush

How to remove blood stains and stains Use baking soda

Baking soda has the property of easily removing protein stains. To wash, spray baking soda water, which is a mixture of baking soda and water, on the stain, leave it for a while and wash it with water. For old stains, mix baking soda with a little water to form a paste and apply it to the blood stain. When the applied baking soda dries, use a brush to scrape it off. Once you’ve scrubbed off the paste, toss it in the washing machine and you’re done.

“Baking soda” Summary

  • Baking soda easily removes protein stains
  • Spray with baking soda water, and use baking soda paste for hard-to-remove

How to remove blood stains and stains Use sodium sesquicarbonate

“Sodium sesquicarbonate” is the same natural material as baking soda and is suitable for blood stains. As for how to wash it, soak it and wash it well. Dissolve about 1 teaspoon of sodium sesquicarbonate in 1 liter of water, let it soak overnight, and then wash it in the washing machine to make it easier to remove. It is also effective for blood that has hardened over time.

Summary of “sodium sesquicarbonate”

  • Easy to dissolve in water, suitable for soaking and washing
  • Effective overnight

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How to remove blood stains and dirt Use grated radish

The component called “amylase” contained in radish has the effect of decomposing “protein”. Make grated daikon radish, put it in gauze, and tap it on the stain to remove the stain. Recommended if you don’t want to use too much bleach or detergent. A small amount of grated daikon radish cleanly removes dirt, so try starting with about 1 tablespoon. When the dirt is removed, put it in the washing machine and wash it.

I didn’t know that grated daikon radish works on blood stains! Amazing, amylase!

That’s amazing. Digestive enzyme “amylase” works for stains! Vegetables are safe to use.

Summary of “grated radish”

  • Since even a small amount is effective, try starting with about 1 tablespoon of grated daikon radish.
  • gently tap and wash

“By material” How to remove blood stains

Check the washing instructions

First, check the washing label of the clothes you want to wash. Wool and knit materials, which are inherently difficult to handle, cannot be washed with water. In that case, take it to a cleaning shop and have it cleaned. Please refer to the image above as the washing instructions differ depending on whether it is before December 2016 or after December 2016.

The notation is different between before December 2016 and after December!

For items that cannot be washed with water, take them to a specialty store such as a cleaning shop. If you wash it forcibly, it may become useless.


Wool is a fabric made from sheep’s wool. Wool is fluffy, comfortable and warm, but it loses its shape easily, so care must be taken when handling it. For items that can be washed with water, use fashionable detergent or sodium bicarbonate water to wash only the dirty parts. Soak the dirt on the wool with detergent and baking soda water. After that, apply a towel, turn it upside down and gently pat it from the back of the dirt. Repeat the process until clean, then wipe with water and lay flat to dry.

Wool is hard to care for. Be gentle when tapping to remove stains.

It’s a delicate material, so be careful. Be careful how you dry it!


Many knits are washable. Rub the blood stains with a stylish laundry detergent or sodium bicarbonate water, then put it in the laundry net and put it in the washing machine. The washing course should be gentle, such as “hand wash”. After washing, dry it flat to keep its shape.

In autumn and winter, there are a lot of clothes made of knit materials, such as knit dresses. If you wash it without worrying about it when it gets dirty, it will lose its shape, so be careful.

For knitted clothes, we recommend using a special detergent for fashionable clothes, which gives it a soft finish.

shirt or light clothing

Dress shirts and light clothing are relatively easy to handle. It is effective to apply oxygen-based bleach or baking soda directly to the dirty part and wash it by picking it up, and to wash the dirt after a long time. Men’s shirt collars are particularly prone to staining, so if you leave it on, the stains on the collar of the shirt will also come off, killing two birds with one stone. Once the knobs have been washed and soaked, put them in the washing machine and you’re done.

Shirt huh? For men, shaving can cut the skin and leave blood stains.

That’s right. Many of the shirts are bright colors, so blood stains stand out. It’s nice to be able to soak and remove dirt from the collar!

cloth napkin

Cloth napkins are usually washed with a lot of menstrual blood, so first wash them under running water and then soak them in water mixed with sodium sesquicarbonate. After that, wash it by hand to thoroughly remove the dirt, and dry it in the shade to complete. Cloth napkins should be washed by hand, as putting them in the washing machine may cause them to deform or weaken the absorption of menstrual blood.

The store where I bought the cloth napkins also sold sodium sesquicarbonate as a special detergent. It’s best to soak things that contain a lot of blood.

3 convenient goods to remove stains

Useful goods 1. Soaking wash container

Clothes and towels come in different sizes, so a large basin or bucket can take up a lot of space. For that reason, we recommend using a collapsible silicone wash basin like the photo above, as it doesn’t take up much space and it comes with a faucet.

Useful Goods Washing Brush

When washing by hand, a washing brush is useful for stains that cannot be removed by soaking. If the stain begins to float, rub it lightly to clean it off. For small areas, it is convenient to have a small brush such as a toothbrush.

Convenient Goods Detergents and Natural Materials

For stain removal, there is compatibility with the target dirt, but “baking soda” and “sodium sesquicarbonate” can be used for other cleaning purposes, so it is convenient to have one. If you have Magiclean, which I introduced earlier, you can use it not only for oil stains in the kitchen but also for laundry, so it is convenient to have detergents and natural materials ready in case of emergency.


How was it? There is an image that blood stains are difficult to remove. The effective washing method varies slightly depending on the material, such as wool, knitwear, and everyday shirts and towels. I was surprised that Magiclean was able to remove not only oil stains but also blood stains. By washing stained clothes, using detergents and materials that are compatible with each other, and adjusting the temperature of the water, the dirt will come off quickly and you will be able to save time on housework, so please give it a try.