How to keep stink bugs out of your laundry?

How to keep stink bugs out of your laundry

Stink bugs occur in large numbers and give off an unpleasant odor. If possible, we do not want to encounter stink bugs. We will introduce the conditions in which stink bugs are likely to occur, how to get rid of stink bugs, and what to do when your laundry smells.

Before extermination, let’s know the characteristics of stink bugs

There are various kinds of nasty insects, but among them, the stink bug is the type that appeals to “smell”. Small swarms of stink bugs, about 0.5 to 1 cm in size, cause an indescribable discomfort. The habitat is all over Japan, but it is especially prone to occur in large numbers in areas with large temperature differences throughout the year, such as Hokkaido and Tohoku.

How stink bugs emit odor

Stink bugs are known for producing juice with a strong odor, just like the image of stink bugs. In order to protect themselves from foreign enemies, they detect stimulation and danger and produce juice. The smell varies depending on the type, from strong coriander to green apple-like. The juice can cause irritation, so don’t scratch the affected area.

Where do stink bugs come from

Stink bugs tend to prefer places with “high temperature” and “sunny”. If you don’t know where stink bugs are coming from, you should focus your search on this spot. In addition, most of the stink bugs that live in Japan are herbivorous, preferring to feed on leaves, fruits, and fragrant flowers, while at the same time laying eggs in the surrounding area. As long as you have plants and flowers, it may become a stink bug’s nest at some point.

When is the season for stink bugs?

Stink bugs spend the winter by hibernating. It hatches in spring, actively lays eggs in hot seasons such as summer, and spreads from somewhere. And in autumn, in order to prepare for hibernation, there is an ecology that looks for a place where it is easy to live in groups. The basics of getting rid of stink bugs is to take measures before winter so that your house is not chosen as a hibernating place for stink bugs.

How to keep stink bugs out of laundry

It would be the worst if stink bugs have settled down and left a smell of stinking bugs on laundry and futons. Before that happens, it is important to take advantage of the ecology of stink bugs and keep them out of the laundry. We will teach you effective ways to keep stink bugs out of your house and balcony, as well as your laundry.

① Remove plants, weeds, etc.

Unfortunately, people who grow plants and flowers on the veranda should give up during stinkbug season. Stink bugs are attracted to the scent of plants and flowers, so the plants on the balcony may become their home. If you really want to grow it, there is an insecticide for stink bugs, but if you are annoyed by stink bugs, we recommend that you remove the plants on the balcony. Also, if you have weeds growing on your balcony, remove them at this time.

(2) Put up an insect net

It is a method of putting insect nets on the entire veranda or laundry. The method of attachment varies depending on the type of net, but most of them are designed to be placed over a clothesline or hung from the ceiling using hooks. A mesh that is finer than 0.5 cm in size of a stinkbug is recommended. You can also take measures against mosquitoes and flies.

③ Cultivate plants that stink bugs are not good at

If you really want to grow plants on your balcony, we recommend growing herbal plants that stink bugs don’t like. They seem to dislike “mint” and “red pepper” in particular, and it seems that stink bugs won’t come to them if they grow them or just dry them. It looks good and can be used for cooking, so it may be a good idea to take this opportunity to grow herbs.

④ Use “mint oil”

Anyway, the scent of mint is effective in exterminating stink bugs, so the item that can be used more easily to prevent stink bugs is “mint oil”. Spray a spray-type product on places where stink bugs tend to live, such as windows, corners of balconies, and screen doors. It is useful to have one as it is effective against insects other than stink bugs.

On the next page, we will introduce what to do when stink bugs and stink bug odors get on your laundry, as well as recommended goods to combat stink bugs.

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When the stink bug gets on the laundry

When I tried to put away the clothes that had been dried outside, stink bugs appeared! How long have you been there! ? You might be surprised, but it would be the worst if you could irritate the stink bugs here and let the smell of stinky bugs stick to your clothes. If you find stink bugs on your laundry, stay calm and take the right approach.

It is NG to shake the laundry violently.

I don’t like touching stink bugs, but don’t shake the laundry. Vibrations and shocks stimulate stink bugs, which produce stinky sap that sticks to your clothes. Carefully remove the stink bug without shaking it off.

remove with tape

Gently tape the stink bug’s back with duct tape to pull the stink bug away from your clothes and laundry. In addition to packing tape, use several layers of tissue to wrap the stink bug away. Be careful not to apply pressure, as both of them will emit an odor if force is applied.

When stinkbug smells on laundry

If you squash a stinkbug or the smell gets on your laundry…it’s a shock, but don’t give up even in such a case. You can get rid of stink bug odor cleanly by devising a good way to wash it. Here’s how to deal with stinkbug odors.

① Use bar soap

Solid soap is the most effective way to get rid of stinkbug odors on your clothes. If there is dirt along with the smell, you can clean it by applying soap directly to the dirty area. By the way, at this time, a citrus scent is more effective than a floral scent for stinkbug odors.

②Wash with detergent containing surfactant

Since the stinkbug odor is oily, the most effective way is to remove this oil. The dishwashing detergent actually does this. Rubbing or washing with a large amount of detergent will damage the laundry, so it is NG. If you tap it with a tissue little by little, the odor will be removed moderately.

③ Use heat such as boiling water or a hair dryer

If the persistent smell remains even after using soap or detergent, it is also effective to blow it away with heat. After washing with soap, rinse with hot water at bath temperature. Also, when drying, you can dry it in a sunny place or use the heat of a hair dryer to eliminate the stinkbug odor. For example, if you stink of a stinkbug when you are out and about, you can eliminate the smell with a first-aid treatment if you have a tap with hot water.

Goods recommended for measures against stink bugs

If you want to easily, efficiently, and effectively deal with stink bugs, why not try using commercially available insect repellent products? With this, stink bugs can be kept away from anywhere, and even if they are lost, they will not be allowed to live. For those who want to take measures and exterminate stink bugs for sure, we will introduce recommended items.

①Balsan nasty insects

Stink bugs can lurk in warm homes and crevices on balconies during the winter. The item that repels such stink bugs is “Balsan”. Spray smoke to repel stink bugs, centipedes, centipedes, and other eggs that are lurking in every corner. Like all balsans, it cannot be used in homes with infants or pets. By burning balsan before going out for more than 2 hours, extermination is completed when you get home.

②Stink bug

When you find stink bugs on clothes or futons that have been dried, give this “Kamemushi Korori” a shot! A fast-acting insecticide spray that instantly kills stink bugs before they give off their odor. It does not have the peculiar odor of insecticides, so it can be safely used for laundry. This item is recommended for those who are suffering from stink bug damage.

③ stinkbug block

The most effective product for preventing stink bugs is the stink bug block, an insect repellent that uses natural peppermint oil. Stick it on the wall or window with adhesive tape. Since it is a natural peppermint oil, there is no odor. The effective range is about 2m, so if you stick it on your balcony, it will keep stink bugs out of your house as well as your laundry.


Not only does it look great, but it also has a strong smell. If you are such a person, you can spend your precious laundry without stink bugs by taking proper measures such as insect repellent goods. Also, even if the stinkbug odor kills your laundry, you can continue to wear it without worrying about the odor if you deal with it without rushing. Let’s start measures against stink bugs before spring or summer.