Effect and how to use the futon dryer! Is it worth buying and using it?

how to use the futon dryer

Do you know the effect and how to use the futon dryer? While thinking about the need for a futon dryer to prevent moisture and dust mites from futons, there are probably many people who do not know the details of their effects and how to use them. This time, we will specifically explain the effects and types of futon dryers, how to use them, and even the electricity bills that you are worried about.

Need for a futon dryer

Do you have a futon dryer in your house? During the damp and humid rainy season or during the hot winter months, you may not be able to sleep comfortably because of the moisture in your futon. In such a case, there are many people who think about the necessity of a futon dryer. This time, we will explain in detail about such a futon dryer, including the effects, how to use it, and the electricity bill you are worried about.

Effect of futon dryer

In conclusion, a futon dryer is a home appliance that every household should have. A futon dryer dries a futon that contains moisture by sending warm air between the quilt or blanket and the mattress. But it’s not just about “drying”. There are many benefits to be gained from doing so. The basic effects of the futon dryer are the following four points.

Effect ① It can exterminate mites

One of the great effects of the futon dryer is that it can exterminate mites. Most products have a function called “tick extermination mode”. The key to getting rid of ticks is to kill them and prevent them from breeding. I’ll explain with Dani’s explanation.

About ticks

Mites prefer warm skin temperature and 60% or more humidity. Therefore, the inside of the futon is the best place for mites to live, such as sweat, heat, and dust from people. In vulnerable children and the elderly, mites can cause skin irritation, asthma, and allergies.

kill mites

Ticks are sensitive to high temperatures and cannot survive if they stay at temperatures above 50°C for more than 20 minutes. The “mite extermination mode” of the futon dryer keeps sending warm air to the futon for a long time, making the inside of the futon over 50 ° C and killing the mites.

Prevent ticks from breeding

If the futon continues to accumulate moisture, mites will breed over time. In order to prevent the breeding of dust mites, it is necessary to regularly use a futon dryer to release moisture from comforters, blankets and mattresses.

Just being able to exterminate mites is enough to make me feel the need for a futon dryer!

Effect ② Futon becomes fluffy

If the futon gets damp, the quilt and blanket will collapse flat, and the mattress will become damp. The role of the futon dryer is to “dry the futon by releasing the moisture”. The warm air draws the moisture out of the futon and draws in a lot of air, leaving comforters and blankets fluffy and mattresses dry.

It feels good to be able to sleep on a fluffy futon without ticks!

Effect ③ No need to dry the futon

The fact that you don’t have to bother drying the futon is also a nice effect. If you don’t have a futon dryer at home, you’ll have to dry your futon in the garden or on the veranda to prevent dust mites and moisture. Comforters and blankets in winter are large and bulky, and even in summer, mattresses are too big for most people to dry.

If you live in an apartment or have a large family, you don’t have a place to dry your clothes all at once.

In the summer, you will receive a lot of sunshine, and your futon will become soft and fluffy even without a futon dryer. However, during the rainy season and winter, it is difficult to dry outside, and even if you dry it, the sunlight is weak, so you cannot get the effect of drying outside. You don’t have to choose the time to use the futon dryer, and it’s attractive that you don’t have to bother drying the futon in the first place.

In particular, it is said that drying outside in the middle of summer is not effective in exterminating mites.

Effect ④ The futon is warm

In addition, during the cold winter months, a nice effect is that the futon is warmed by the futon dryer. When you go to bed on a cold night, you don’t want to sleep in a cold futon. It takes time to warm up to your body temperature. In such a case, if you use the futon dryer before going to bed, you can sleep comfortably with the futon warmed by warm air.

Effect ⑤ Sterilization and deodorization

Since there are bacteria other than mites in the futon, it is possible to exterminate bacteria (= sterilization) in the same way as mites. It’s a particularly nice effect during the cold season when colds are common. In addition, bacteria are also the source of damp and unpleasant odors, so they are also effective in deodorizing.

Futon dryer types and functions

The type of futon dryer is roughly divided into two types, and various functions are added depending on the product. The futon drying function alone is enough to understand the necessity, but the more convenient the function, the more attractive it is. Of course, the more features you have, the higher the price will be, so it’s a good idea to choose a product that has the minimum required features.

Type of futon dryer

There are two types of futon dryers. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

mat and hose type

In this type, a drying mat is placed between the comforter or blanket and the mattress, and a hose that sends warm air to the mat is attached. It is a type that has been around for a long time, is relatively inexpensive, and can send warm air evenly from corner to corner. It is suitable for full-fledged tick extermination. However, the mat is bulky and takes up space and takes time.

hose only type

This is a type in which a hot air hose is inserted between the comforter or blanket and the mattress. Since there is no mat, it can be stored compactly, and it is easy to put in and take out. However, it is more expensive than the mat and hose type, and it is difficult to send warm air evenly to the futon. It is more suitable for preventing breeding of ticks than exterminating ticks.

Recently, the type that only has a simple hose is mainstream.

Futon dryer function

The function of a futon dryer is not only to dry the futon by sending warm air, but it varies depending on the product. Here are 5 main features.

Deodorant function

Drying with warm air has a deodorizing effect, but in addition to warm air, plasma ions are also emitted to eliminate odors.

timer function

It has functions such as stopping the hot air at a specified time, or warming the futon at the time before going to bed in winter.

Summer mode function

It is a function that cools the futon that has been warmed up with cold air. It is useful when using the futon dryer before going to bed during the hot summer months.

Futon warming function

It is a function that warms the futon during the cold winter months. Unlike the basic drying mode, it can be used for a short time.

clothes drying function

It is a function that dries clothes by directing warm air toward wet clothes and shoes. It is especially useful during the rainy season.

How to use the futon dryer

From the explanation of the effects and functions of the futon dryer so far, do you understand the necessity of the futon dryer? Next is how to use the futon dryer. I explained how to use it by type according to the type of futon dryer. Here, we will explain how to actually use it, how often it should be used, precautions for using it, and how to take care of it.

How to use ① Time

The time to use depends on the type of futon dryer and the functions used. The futon warm mode is 10 to 20 minutes, the futon drying mode is 30 minutes to 1 hour, and the tick extermination mode is 1 to 2 hours. However, depending on the product, the tick extermination mode may take as long as 6 hours.

If it takes too long, your electric bill will go up.

Also, the time varies depending on whether the size of the futon is only for singles or doubles. In addition, it will change depending on whether the power consumption is small or large, so let’s take a closer look at that.

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Usage (2) Frequency

The frequency of using the futon dryer is recommended at least once a week for the purpose of drying the futon. It is said that a person sweats as much as a cup of water while sleeping, and as much as two cups in the summer. Use a futon dryer frequently to remove moisture from the futon. If you want to exterminate ticks, we recommend at least once every two weeks.

If you use it at the right frequency, you can maintain a comfortable futon with less moisture and dust mites!

How to use ③ Precautions

There are various types of futons, such as duvets, cotton blankets, and synthetic fiber blankets. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when using the futon dryer depending on the material. Especially delicate are cashmere blankets and duvets, which are vulnerable to heat and will be damaged if used for a long time. Duvets are mostly products that cannot be used in the first place.

For duvets, we recommend products that have a function of “low temperature mode” or “duvet mode”!

The same is true for mattresses, and depending on the material, it is necessary to be careful when using it, so it is better to thoroughly investigate the materials that the futon dryer is compatible with. Also, keep in mind that the rooms can get hot during the hot summer months. Open the window to ventilate the room so that the heat does not accumulate.

How to use ④ Care

Since the futon dryer is a home appliance, it requires frequent maintenance to use it for a long time. There is a filter that collects dust, so clean it regularly. Also, for types with a mat, it is important to wash the mat after removing the attached parts. The specific cleaning method for each is as follows.

cleaning the filter

Either remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner, or wipe the filter with a cloth soaked in water-diluted neutral detergent and then wipe it with a tightly wrung wet cloth.

washing the mat

Gently wash the mat with lukewarm water containing a neutral detergent and dry it in the shade.

The frequency of maintenance is OK once a month!


Were you able to understand the need for a futon dryer? The futon dryer has a lot of nice effects that you can sleep with a fluffy and comfortable futon not only during the rainy season, but also during the winter when you want warmth and the hot summer. Although it costs money, it is a home appliance worth buying and using. Everyone, please try it.