How to wash your mouse pad

How to wash your mouse pad

Surprisingly few people take care of their mouse pads on a daily basis. There are many people who think so. This time, we will explain how to wash and care for the mouse pad, so let’s learn how to wash it and keep it clean.

What kind of dirt is on the mouse pad?

Mouse pads are often used on a daily basis, and if left unattended, dirt tends to accumulate over time. What kind of dirt is on the mouse pad?

oil stains on hands

The main stain on the mouse pad is the sebum stains on your hands. Since the mouse pad is in direct contact with the skin for a long time while using a PC, the longer it is used, the more sebum stains it tends to get.

dust and small debris

In addition, the mouse pad is covered with dust and fine dust. If you are eating and drinking while working on your computer, there is a possibility that food debris is attached. This is also the cause of the smell, so I want to be careful.

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What happens if you don’t take care of it?

It’s not limited to the mouse pad, it’s easy to clean if you clean it immediately. If you neglect to take care of the mouse pad, it will gradually become difficult to remove the dirt, causing dark spots and odors. It is best to take care of your mouse pad as much as possible.

Is the mouse pad washable?

Differences due to the material of the mouse pad

Many people may want to wash the mouse pad when it gets dirty. Even if we say mouse pad in one word, the material of the mouse pad varies depending on the product, and the cleaning method also differs. Commonly used mouse pads are made of cloth or plastic, and there is also a type with cushion gel on the wrist. Also, recently, more and more people are using leather mouse pads that are particular about design.

cloth mouse pad

Cloth mouse pads have the disadvantage of being easily soiled because they easily absorb sweat and sebum. In addition, dust and small debris can easily enter the gaps between the fibers on the surface, and sweat, sebum, and dust can stick together and harden, becoming stubborn stains and causing odors. Basically, cloth mouse pads are washable, so if they are very dirty, wash them to clean them.

plastic mouse pad

Plastic mouse pads are smooth and slippery, and unlike cloth mouse pads, they do not absorb sebum and sweat. Plastic mouse pads can be washed just like fabric ones, but since they don’t absorb water, they can often be cleaned simply by wiping them off. If it gets very dirty, it can be washed with water, so it is easy to keep clean.

mouse pad with gel

Some gaming mouse pads have gel as an armrest. Dust tends to stick to the protruding gel part, and germs such as those on your hands breed and cause odors, so it is important to take care of it on a daily basis. It can be washed in the same way as a cloth mouse pad, so it is a good idea to wash it if it gets very dirty.

leather mouse pad

Leather mouse pads are becoming more and more popular in recent years, but leather products cannot be washed with water. Soaking it in water may cause stains or discoloration, so be careful not to get it wet even during normal use. If it gets wet during use, it is important to wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth.

how to wash a mouse pad

There are several ways to wash your mouse pad. I will explain the procedure and points of each washing method in order.

Washing procedure

basics of washing

  1. Fill a sink or bucket with hot water of about 40 degrees and soak the mouse pad in it.
  2. Wash the mouse pad by rubbing it gently
  3. Rinse with clean water
  4. Gently wipe away moisture with a towel
  5. lay flat to dry

washing point

By washing with hot water of about 40 degrees, you can wash it cleanly with just water, but please be careful as it may damage the mouse pad if the water temperature is too high. If it is not very dirty, it is recommended that you wash it with water instead of using soap, as it will not damage the mouse pad.

How to wash with baking soda

  1. Fill a sink or bucket with hot water of about 40 degrees
  2. Add about 10g of baking soda to 1 liter and mix until dissolved.
  3. Soak the mouse pad and leave it for about 10 minutes
  4. Rub gently to remove dirt
  5. Rinse thoroughly with clean water
  6. Wipe off moisture with a towel and dry thoroughly

Tips for washing with baking soda

The basic washing procedure is the same as washing with water, but it is important to dissolve the baking soda thoroughly in hot water before using it. If there is undissolved residue, not only will the cleaning power be reduced, but the surface of the mouse pad may become white due to lumps of baking soda, so be careful.

How to wash with soap

  1. Fill a sink or bucket with hot water of about 40 degrees
  2. dip the mouse pad
  3. Take some soap on your hand or lightly dissolve it in hot water and wash it by stroking the surface with your fingertips.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water
  5. Dry with a towel

Tips for washing with soap

The basic flow is the same here, but if you use soap, you need to be careful because soap scum tends to remain. Make sure to rinse thoroughly as soap scum can turn the surface of the mouse pad white.

Precautions for washing

  • Do not scrub
  • After washing, dry well before using
  • Do not leave it soaked in water for a long time
  • Do not dry with a dryer

Mousepads are delicate, so be careful when washing your mousepad with water, whichever method you use. You may want to dry it with a hair dryer to save time, but it may cause warping, so it is recommended to dry naturally in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Tips for keeping your mouse pad clean

Mouse pads can be washed, but if you wash them frequently, the damage will accumulate, and as a result, the operability will be greatly affected. It is important to take care of your hair frequently so that you can avoid washing it with water as much as possible.

clean your hands before use

First, wash your hands thoroughly before using. By preventing sebum stains, which is the biggest cause of dirt on the mouse pad, as much as possible, you can reduce the frequency of washing with water and extend the life of the mouse pad.

Remove dust and debris with a roller

An effective maintenance method is to use a commercially available roller cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the mouse pad. Roller cleaner can be easily purchased at 100-yen shops, so it is a good idea to prepare one that fits your size.

Wipe off the dirt with a wet wipe

By frequently wiping with a wet sheet, you can easily remove sebum and sweat stains. In particular, it is recommended that you use a disinfecting type wet wipe, as it can be easily disinfected. However, if you wipe a mouse pad with a cloth surface with a wet wipe, it will harden, so it is a good idea to use it with a roller to remove it before wiping.

Baking soda electrolytic cleaner for commercial use is recommended

If you wipe it frequently, even normal wet wipes have a certain cleaning effect, but with a commercial-use sodium bicarbonate electrolytic cleaner, you can approach sebum stains more effectively with the action of negative ions. Despite its high detergency, it is recommended because it is easy to use and does not require wiping twice. Considering the high detergency, 10 yen per sheet is a good cost performance.

Time to replace the mouse pad

In addition to diligent maintenance, you can keep your mouse pad clean and extend its life by washing it occasionally, but many people would like to know when to replace the mouse pad. Although it depends on the material and quality of the mouse pad, the difference in usage is the most important factor that affects the life of the mouse pad.

For normal use such as work or home

When using a PC for work or hobbies, the mouse pad has a relatively long lifespan, and most people replace it after using it on a yearly basis. Some people use the same mouse pad for up to 10 years.

If you often use a mouse pad in games

For those who use mouse pads for daily game play, there are many people who consider them as consumables and replace them every few months. If the operability of the mouse deteriorates, it will affect the game play, so the frequency of replacement of the mouse pad tends to be high.


If you’re using a mouse pad and it’s dirty or smells bad, take the plunge and wash it. Since the mouse pad is delicate, it is necessary to wash it by hand as gently as possible when washing it. Frequent daily maintenance makes it easier to keep it clean and extends the life of the mouse pad.