What is an effective toilet cleaning method?

toilet cleaning method

It has long been said that cleaning the toilet will bring good fortune. The toilet is said to be a barometer of health, but why is it said that cleaning the toilet leads to increased financial fortune? This time, I would like to explore the truth about toilet cleaning that leads to increased financial luck and effective cleaning methods.

the habit of cleaning the toilet

Have you ever heard the saying, “Cleaning the toilet will make you rich”? The homes of celebrities featured in the media and the restrooms of recently opened commercial facilities are meticulously cleaned. This time, I will touch on the relationship between toilet cleaning and money luck.

Inspired by feng shui & hit songs

The ancient Chinese concept of feng shui came in, and perhaps because of the 2010 hit song “God of the Toilet,” the idea that “cleaning the toilet will make you rich” spread. From companies to households, the idea of ​​​​valuing toilet cleaning has been firmly established.

Is it true that cleaning the toilet will increase your fortune?

The recent trend of cleaning the toilet = increasing financial luck seems to have been triggered by the spread of feng shui and the hit song, Toilet God. But what are the legends behind feng shui and hit songs? Why did cleaning the toilet lead to better luck with money?

The toilet is a barometer of health

Many medical professionals and experts who comment on health issues in the mass media check their health by looking at their excrements in the bathroom every morning. We can’t open up the inside of our body and check the state of health every time. Excretion in the toilet is said to be extremely important as a way to know your latest health status.

Health = leads to increased fortune

And people who are in good health can perform at their best at work. There is also a survey result that people who always try to clean the toilet always have a higher income income. Surprisingly, the relationship between cleaning the toilet and increasing financial fortune was connected.

Staying too long in the toilet has no effect

It’s easy to think, “Well then, let’s clean the toilet while we’re at it,” but it’s actually not very effective. Originally, the toilet is not a place to stay long. It’s not good for hygiene, so let’s go in and out for a short time except when cleaning. I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring a book or a mobile phone and stay there for a long time.

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Increase your money luck by cleaning the toilet! effective cleaning method

So far, we have explained the relationship between cleaning the toilet and increasing your fortune with money. From here, let’s take a look at specific cleaning methods that can make your toilet healthy and increase your fortune. The image of toilet cleaning that has been just aimless so far may change greatly.

Point 1: Wash the toilet “every room”

Generally speaking, when we think of cleaning, there is an image of cleaning each part of the room separately, such as cleaning the floor and cleaning the walls. However, toilet cleaning is different. Unlike other rooms, you have to clean everything in the toilet to be effective. Let’s clean not only the toilet bowl and toilet supplies, but also wallpaper and ornaments, as if you were cleaning the entire room.

Point 2: Quickly find plumbing problems

Along with the kitchen and bathroom, the toilet is the place that uses the most water in the home. While cleaning the toilet, be sure to check the water circulation. If there is a malfunction, fix it as soon as possible. Leakage around the plumbing will cause the house itself to age and lead to unnecessary expenses in the future.

Point 3: Always keep things organized

here are many toilet supplies in the toilet, and it tends to be a cluttered atmosphere. Therefore, always pay attention to the cleanliness of the restroom. It’s best to have the things you need readily available when you need them. Don’t put unnecessary objects, books, etc. in the toilet.

Detergents and items that are effective for cleaning toilets

Recently, many toilet cleaning detergents are sold at home centers and internet shops. I’m really confused as to which one is better. Therefore, here we will introduce toilet cleaning detergents and toilet cleaning items that have a good reputation on word-of-mouth sites.

Neutral type (for daily cleaning)

If you use it for daily toilet cleaning, choose a neutral toilet detergent. Urine splattered stains and wallpaper yellowing can be removed with a neutral detergent. Even if it gets on your hands or skin, troubles such as inflammation will not occur. It’s something you use every day, so the point is to choose a detergent with a scent that makes you feel good.

Acidic type (wash thoroughly once a month)

A strong acidic type is used for urinary stones and stool stains that cannot be removed with a neutral detergent. However, some of the solvents contained in it contain substances that are harmful to the human body, so please use it once or twice a month. Also, never use it in combination with a neutral detergent or mix detergents together.

Figurine type (cleans every time water is flushed)

If you have a tank-type toilet and say, “I don’t need to clean the toilet every day,” we recommend a figurine type that is placed at the entrance of the pumped water and turns the cleaning water itself into a cleaning liquid. You don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty because you just put it on correctly. There is also an unscented type, so even those who are sensitive to smells can choose.


In addition to cleaning the toilet itself and the room, the toilet room is a place where bad odors such as excrement and ammonia from sewage tend to accumulate. Frequent ventilation usually solves the problem of odor, but an old toilet cannot eliminate the odor just by ventilation. Use commercially available deodorants to keep odors out of the toilet.

Stay organized with a toilet rack

Thin toilet racks are sold mainly by mail order to neatly organize toilet paper and detergent. You can buy it for around 3,000 to 5,000 yen, so let’s take advantage of it. However, as I said earlier, please do not put anything that will make you stay in the bathroom for a long time, such as a book or DVD player.

Money luck up with toilet renovation

me of you may be thinking, “I’m going to take the plunge and renovate my bathroom.” A hygienic and bright toilet will lead to health promotion and work, which will be a driving force for increasing financial fortunes. What kind of bathroom renovation would you like?

Point 1: I definitely want to install windows

If there is no window in the current toilet and you can install a new one, let’s put a window on it. As mentioned above, toilet windows play a role in keeping hygiene clean. In particular, when a family member catches an infectious disease, toilets without windows must be disinfected each time and used after a certain period of time. If you have a toilet with a window, you will need to clean it, but you can leave it for 5 to 10 minutes without disinfecting.

Point 2: Antibacterial type wallpaper and toilet supplies

Even though it is a toilet that only family members use, there is no guarantee that a family member who comes home from outside will bring pathogens from anywhere and touch the walls or toilet bowl, which will become a source of infection and cause illness. Recently, toilet supplies such as wall paper and toilet bowls have been marketed as “antibacterial specifications” containing antibacterial substances. From there, pick whatever you like.


Is it true that cleaning the toilet will increase your fortune? Titled, I explained the relationship between toilet cleaning and money luck. It is not that money will come in directly, but it is a story that you can expect an increase in income by living a healthy life by cleaning the toilet. Let’s all clean the toilet without fail and live a healthy and prosperous life.